Normal People

This fiction by an Irish writer Sally Rooney is an exciting love story revolving around two sympathetic people. The novel speaks of social strata issues, unstable power dynamics in relationships, submission, emotional and physical swings, depression, and everything that attracts the reader’s attention. At the age of 28, Sally Rooney has the distinction of being rated as a successful writer with just two of her books being published. She knows how to catch the nerve of the young readers as the novel focuses on the struggle of the young adults against various fluctuating backdrops. She includes her story and a point of here relative growing a huge company, which was working as a Camarillo concrete contractor. Sally is a true inspiration.

Normal People – A Summary

Normal People is a wonderful coming-of-age romantic story where the main characters portray an on-again-off-again relationship. Marianne Sheridan and Connell Waldron have different upbringings, and they meet as teens in County Sligo. Marianne belongs to a wealthy family, but she is a loner. She is a proud and private person and does not get along easily with anyone. Her mother and brother are neglected towards her, which is the reason she keeps herself invisible. On the other hand, Connell Waldron is a middle-class boy but is popular in his circle. He is a famous football player in the school team. They both go to the same school but pretend not to know each other.  

Marianne has a weird outlook in which her classmates took the opportunity to stare at her or whispers about her. Connell is handsome and popular but with limited financial access. 

The first time any connections seem to grow between the two is when Connell visits Marianne’s house to pick her mother, who works at her house. A year later they both are in college, but they pretend to distance themselves from each other. Marianne’s life is deprived of love, and Connell has all the emotional support but no money. But they become secret lovers and found it weird to accept this fact. 

Connell is well aware of the people backbiting about Marianne, and this prevents him from taking her to the prom. Marianne comes to know about this and cuts off ties with Connell and her college. 

Later on, the story takes a leap where the roles or positions of Marianne and Connell are exchanged, and she became extravagant and popular. Connell finds love in a girl named Helen, and Marianne finds her. They both are seeing other persons they still feel the attraction between them. Helen has seen only the benevolent part of Connell and believes Connell is all about that. But Marianne knows the fact and knows there are other attributes to his character. 

An Award-Winning Novel

Sally Rooney is a recipient of the Costa Novel Award for her book Normal People. The novel is rated as a tragicomedy that compels you to stay reading. Her characters may not be very strong, but they glow in the dark as they speak more than the anxiety of the generation.

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