The Inheritance by L.V. Starkey

The Inheritance

The InheritanceThe Inheritance by L.V. Starkey

It’s December 30, 2010. The bumbling US Congress’s inability to reach an agreement on a tax law in a timely manner is affecting the wealthy in ways they could not imagine. One of those wealthy is Winston Brickley—eighty-three, industrialist, widower, and third-richest man in South Carolina.

And his two children are trying to murder him.

Though rife with dark humor and suspense, The Inheritance is ultimately a heartwarming tale that illuminates the realities of family, marriage, obsessions, greed, and the wonderful paradox that is being human. L. V. Starkey peoples his debut novel with a cast of rich and eccentric characters, from private detectives to compulsive book readers, who all have hopes, dreams, and shortcomings that make for a thrilling and emotional read. Click HERE to take you to view at Amazon.

About the Author

After brief stints as a bellhop, disc jockey, Army reservist and Treasury Department attorney. L. V. Starkey settled into the more mundane, but sometimes exciting, profession of becoming an estate and inheritance attorney. He draws from his professional interactions in order to write about the dark side and intrigue of the distribution of wealth within families.

Starkey is an avid reader and book collector and lives with his wife in Atlanta, Georgia.

By Jan on April 21, 2014

I just finished The Inheritance, and I must say, it was indeed a page turner. Starkey’s skill in pairing suspense with wit makes me look forward to future books he might write.

A very good read!

By Carl Crowley on April 8, 2014

I highly recommend this book.

The Inheritance is like a cross between Carl Hiaasen (Nature Girl, Stormy Weather), and John Kennedy O’Toole (A Confederacy of Dunces), with a dash of John Grisham, Esq. thrown in. Based on the author’s short story, “Death Tax Holiday” (winner of the Georgia State Bar Journal’s 18th annual fiction writing contest), this book is based on an interesting, ironic, but real-life “loophole” in American estate tax law that resulted from a phase-out of the rules governing how large an estate must be before being subjected to the estate tax.

In the “old days” federal estate tax was levied on estates worth over $600,000. Then, under a series of temporary “tax relief” bills that have been passed since 1985, this threshold amount has been gradually increased so that nowadays no estate tax is due on estates valued at $5,000,000 or less. But during the calendar year 2010 something very odd occurred in American estate tax law: As the result of shortsightedness, neglect, politics or pure chance (who knows?) it came to pass that during that year there was absolutely no federal estate tax imposed on the estates of anyone who died during 2010 , regardless of the size of the estate!

With this unusual state of affairs serving as the premise of this, his first book, L.V. Starkey ponders the plight of octogenarian Winston Brickley during the last few days (and hours) of this fateful year. With a net worth of nearly a billion dollars, a Last Will and Testament that leaves most of his fortune to charity, and two spoiled and greedy adult children who are willing to do almost anything to enhance their inheritance, he finds himself literally running for his life.

The tale of Winston’s travails (and of those of his bumbling offspring) is uproariously funny. But it is also insightful, and I found the ending to be particularly satisfying.

I look forward to Mr. Starkey’s next book!

Cleverly written, memorable novel

By Cindy on May 3, 2014

We have known L V Starkey for many years as an attorney and friend and are well aware of his intelligence, his wit, and his charm. His skills as an author are equally impressive, and “The Inheritance” is full of memorable characters, an intriguing plot, humor, and a very satisfying conclusion. I heartily recommend the novel and hope this is just the first of many literary gems by this author!

Enjoyable read!

By Mike Schnorr on April 26, 2014

I’ve known Lawrence for a number of years and had no idea he was a writer! What a great first effort! I look forward to many more!!

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