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How to find a Hobby and Make Money

An introduction to the world of hobbies

How To Find a Hobby and Make Money
How To Find a Hobby and Make Money

It’s been said that there is no better way to earn a living than to be paid for using your natural abilities. This means you are doing something you absolutely love and enjoy and have a natural ability for.

Look at today’s footballers, rugby and league players, musicians, athletes, crafters, chefs and all manner of activities that may have started out as an interest, extra to school studies or work, i.e. a hobby.

A hobby is an interest that is pursued chiefly in your spare time. It usually starts out as something that gives you pleasure, something that when your day’s work or study is over you can relax into and spend some enjoyable time on.

Take your interest one step further and it can even become your business.

Often a person’s hobby is something they have discovered a natural flair for, like playing an instrument, writing poetry or short stories or even a novel, playing a sport, or getting to know the intricacies of computers and the internet.

What begins as a spare time activity can become something more when you decide you enjoy it so much that you begin to pursue it with a passion.

Having a hobby is something like being on a personal exploratory journey, discovering new facets of your personality, new likes and dislikes, learning new things and meeting like-minded people who want to explore and test and try new ways, learning and sharing information to help one another.

This passion may one day become the foundation of a change of lifestyle, a completely new direction, and possibly eventually turn into the activity that will take over your days, replacing your current income-earning day job.

 Why a hobby is so important:

These extra-curricular activities – hobbies – can provide a critical balance between a high-tension job and the need for relaxation at the end of the day. It can also give the kind of self-confidence that little  else can.

A person who is able to speak knowledgeably about a topic (a hobby) is generally seen by others as more interesting than someone who speaks at length about nothing other than their work, or what they have seen on TV.

Knowledge brings out another dimension of a person’s personality and, subsequently, they may find themselves with more friends, keen to spend time with them and listen to what they have to say. This is one offshoot of having an interest, which you take seriously and are passionate about.

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