Holy War by Grant Leishman

Holy War
Holy War

Holy War by Grant Leishman

In the explosive conclusion of the Second Coming Trilogy, Holy War: The Battle for Souls, brings the forces of good and the forces of Evil together in a final, cataclysmic battle, that can only end in Armageddon.

In Holy War, Beelzebub has raised the AntiChrist from among the family of Jose Christian Castillo and an army of fallen Angels who will try to win the hearts, minds and souls of a generation in this final battle for supremacy over humanity and ultimately the Universe.

JC and his loyal band of disciples will defend the caring communities of love and understanding they have created over the past twenty-five years from dissension within and attack from without. Holy War is a battle for more than domination of the Universe, it is a battle for the freedom and all that is precious about humanity. From Davao, in The Philippines, to Winchester in England, Shanghai in China and Las Vegas in the USA, the battle moves inexorably to the most fitting of venues for the final confrontation – The Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Dome of the Rock in the holiest of cities, Jerusalem.

Holy War is the ultimate and oldest confrontation known to man: Good vs Evil, Right vs Wrong, JC vs Beelzebub.

Is this the end? Is this Armageddon? Only Holy War can answer that one for you.

About the Author

Grant LeishmanI am an expatriate New Zealander, living in Manila, The Philippines, with my wife and two daughters.

At age 55, after careers in Finance and Journalism, I have finally discovered my true passion in life – writing and I’m now “living the dream”, writing full-time.My first novel was a romantic, fantasy, adventure about the return of Jesus Christ to modern-day Manila to try and sort out the problems of the world – yet again! “The Second Coming“, which was published by Pentian in June 2015.

My second novel “Just a Drop in the Ocean”, a romance/adventure that spans a generation and two continents, was published in October 2015 and is available exclusively on Amazon and is free through Kindle Unlimited.

I have also published an anthology of paranormal/horror short stories in association with my son, Chris Leishman, titled Paranormal Alley, in December 2015. This is available exclusively on Amazon and is free to download through Kindle Unlimited.

The sequel to “The Second Coming” – “Rise of the AntiChrist” was published in January 2016 and is available at all the usual outlets.

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