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Creating Lifestyle by Mike C Smith

Creating Lifestyle by Mike C.SmithCreating Lifestyle by Mike C Smith


People want things to be better than they are. Some dream of creating lifestyle of wealth and all that it can bring; Others want a simpler way of life, what ever you want Creating Lifestyle by Mike C. Smith can help you achieve it.

Many are creative and some are content; a few are leaders and there are those who love their work while yet others hate it or simply put up with what life has thrown at them, marking time until they are old enough to collect their pension.

For many, their perspective has been molded by how they were raised and a good percentage are trapped in a rut they or others have created. In Creating lifestyle the author has successfully used his own life experiences giving helpful tips, ideas and advice on living the lifestyle that you would like, rather then the one you find yourself in at present.

As he explains it’s not unusual for individuals not to have goals, many are at a loss as to what talents they have, realizing your strengths is a first step in creating the life you want. I see from other reviews, that one individual has recently benefited from reading this booklet, it’s only 46 pages packed with thoughts that should inspire you at a very affordable price. 5 star review.

Book Description

Fifteen years ago I wrote an article that showed how, in our minds, we are trapped inside a bubble. A person’s bubble is the world they live in. They can’t get out of their bubble into another better one because they are stuck, they are in a rut and they don’t know how to get out of it. History has shown us that our world can and does change.

Unfortunately, too many times we have change forced upon us by illness, redundancy, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, war, accidents to name a few. So how can we control our own lives and not allow situations to force us into change? At the time of writing this book I’ve been reading one of Donald Trump’s books, “Think Big and Kick Ass.” In it he states, “It is good to think big. You will not get anywhere unless you create big dreams.”

So the first item on your agenda should be to have a dream and, believe me, you won’t get it watching TV for hours on end, that will only serve as a killer of creativity. Read books instead, books that will inspire you, and feed the creative side of your brain.

Many great people have passed by this life and left a legacy for us to follow and take advantage of. Many people write books; create videos; speak at seminars, inspiring you to dream great things. What is your dream? Far too many people simply don’t know, they don’t have a dream, or not one that they can believe in.

They are like ships sailing out of harbor with no captain at the helm; helpless, ending up wherever the wind takes them. Okay, you may ask, `How do I dream? How can I steer my own ship?’ Let me tell you a little of my background. When I left school  I lacked self-esteem  had no confidence. While I did not  enjoy school I did have one teacher who taught geography and he inspired me to travel. Thanks to him and the many hundreds of folk I have met along life’s pathway, the education I got was from life experiences.

Since a very young man, I’ve been fortunate to have traveled around the globe many times and visited dozens of countries. I have read many inspiring books, attended countless seminars and lectures and, for the greater part of my life, I have run my own businesses.

In creating the life style concept I have used my own life experiences as well as what I have observed from others, past and present. What you will get from this book is a wide range of topics that will give you ideas on creating a lifestyle that you will enjoy,  and how you can take advantage of the talents and gifts you have.

I hope you will enjoy this book, but better yet, find what you’re looking in creating the life you want.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Worthwhile tips that will improve your life June 23, 2013
By Chris
The ideas and tips from reading this booklet is well worth the 99 cents ( I think the author made it too cheap) certainly gives great information, wish I had something like this years ago.

About the author

One of my greatest joys is my continued education of what life is all about. For several years my work took me to many places and countries all over the world. Life was exciting and learning about cultures, people and places was better then any schooling I might have missed out on. I’m a believer that  for the most part we create our own lifestyle, we choose the road we take in life. We have the added benefit of being able to change coarse if we so desire and that’s what this book offer you, opportunity. 

Creating Lifestyle by Mike C. Smith  is available on Amazon Kindle

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