Aldo the Dragon by Tania Giguere

Aldo The Dragon fantasy novel
Aldo The Dragon

Aldo the Dragon

Aldo is an old and wise dragon that came to nest upon a rock overlooking a small village. Aldo watches the families of this little village, and he notices that the people are in need of some help.

So Aldo being of great kindness takes this small village under his wing and beings to teach the families how to grow their gardens in all types of weather. Showing the women of the village how to care for the seed and how to love mother earth.

The villagers began to trust Aldo calling him their friend and protector for Aldo also watched over their children and kept harm away from their homes.

Being that Aldo was so wise, and gentle the kids would come to play with him which made Aldo extremely happy, and Aldo would roar out in delight from the children. He also enjoyed telling the children stories of the old code which the great knights lived.

Learning was fun and helping their parents with chores was even better. Aldo had taught the children how important it is to be part of a family giving love to one another.

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Tania Giguere


Tania Giguere Was born in Michigan and spent her life there, until moving to Texas at the age of 19. Seeking new adventures. She has one daughter and one grandson who keep her young.
Tania has published: Goodnight Love and Hello my Friend. Recently, Be Proud of Who You Are.
Which all are captivating, inspiring and full of love. Tania also has had her poetry published.

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