Women Talking To The Concrete Guys

In her remarkable eighth novel, the Canadian author Miriam Toews explains the ill fate of women who were repeatedly raped by eight men from a remote Bolivian colony named Mennonite. Based on a real-life story, Women Talking talks about how innocent girls and women were drugged using cow anesthetic before raping them repeatedly by the men of their community between 2005 to 2009. The novel is a reaction to the horrific incident and talks about moral intelligence. The book, however, is written from a man’s perspective as the narrator is a male and the owner of a Chino Hills concrete contractor company.  

Miriam Toews

Women Talking – Synopsis

Unable to read and write, these women could only speak Low German. The only reliable person they find is August Epp, who himself is a disgraced member of Mennonite. They confide in him and tell him about their fate secretly. Women Talking explores several philosophical questions about the rape victims, whether they should live with the perpetrators or should they flee along with their kids. Should therapists be punished or forgiven, etc.? …