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BeeZeeBooks.com is a book website that was established with the aim of promoting Indie authors' (self Published authors) books. We believe Indie authors are particularly special given the huge amount of work they undertake, after the long process of writing their books, to bring them to you, the readers;, attention.

We hope you stay awhile and enjoy reading about BeeZeeBooks.com and its wonderful authors. If you wish to purchase any book you will find t links to Amazon on on the book cover or wording. Clicking on the book's cover will take you directly to Amazon.

How to Retire in your $2.99
How to Invest in the Stock Market  99 c
How to Cook Healthy Meals  $2.99
How to Succeed on a Shoestring $2.99
Lazy Weekend No2 99c
Lazy Weekend No1 99c
Creating lifestyle 99c
How to Find a Hobby and Make Money 99c

Love Child bu amelie rose
Love Child  $1.99 on Amazon
 Misunderstanding can cause us a lot of grief, that's why Dom Brodie left New Zealand and his beautiful girlfriend behind, not realising she was pregnant. Five years later he returns to more misunderstandings 




A French Affair by Amelie Rose
A French Affair $2.99
History often plays an important part in our lives. When this young couple started out they never expected to face ruin and tragedy and find the hidden lost art treasure of two French resistance fighters in a dilapidated vineyard. 


Mirror Girl by Amelie Rose
Mirror Girl  $0.99 on amazon
One is a model the other owes a book shop, neither have ever met, but why do they look so alike? You are about to find out.

Murder in Brambly Cott $2.99
Loves Return 99c