How To Write a Children’s Book by Katie Davis

How to Write a Children's Book

How to Write a Children’s Book

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Have you ever said, “I’ve always wanted to write a book for kids!” but then never got around to it? Maybe you didn’t know where to start, or how to get a good idea. Now you can start to write your book for children when you read How to Write a Children’s Book, brought to you by the Institute of Children’s Literature, the 47-year-old school that has taught over 404,000 people to write.

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Katie Davis

Katie Davis’s books have sold 755,000+ copies, & both How to Promote Your Children’s Book and How to Write a Children’s Book have been #1 Amazon bestsellers. Visit


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I’m just getting started with the idea of writing a children’s book. I found this book and thought it was great. The structure of the book makes it very approachable and allowed me to absorb the content quickly and feel more and more confident that I can do this!
What I found most helpful were:
– the discussions and insights on coming up with an idea and how to write for your audience whether it be younger kids or teens
– the list and rundown of the common flaws and the organization checklist (especially loved the point to ‘resist the desire to teach a lesson’ – that made me laugh as it is what adults do but what kids don’t really want
– the tips on editing my own work
I feel that after reading this book, I can better channel my energies, feel more confident, and be able to reach this goal.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Excellent book on writing for the children’s market. This book is very thorough on the do’s and don’t of writing an effect children’s story. Interview at the end of the book was very enlightening. It gives the reader a good insight into what children’s book publishers are really looking for and how the process works. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who writes for the children’s market, but can also be helpful in the overall story construction for any genre you write for.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is another great read from the Institute of Children’s Literature. I signed up for their online class several years ago and I never regretted it. I have almost all of their books that they’ve sold through the Institute. When I saw this particular one, I grabbed it immediately. It’s a short book but full of great information. The book includes experts who share how they came up with their ideas and which ones should be developed further.

This book touches upon reaching the readers at the appropriate age and being able to market it accordingly. A story for a middle school child would be approached differently than a teenager. The book includes a fun exercise to get your writing muscles moving.

A quote from the book – “Think of yourself as an artist with a sketch pad, jotting down a detail here, balancing it with another there, noting the main elements to be included in the finished painting.” I love that. We may not be painters but we do paint our stories through our characters, setting, theme, plot, dialogue, and description.

This book is a great addition to a writer’s (whether published or not) shelf. If you read this book and enjoy it, I highly recommend their writing courses. You receive feedback on your work from published authors. You will be encouraged but also pushed to make your story from good to great.



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