Wil’s Winter by Antoinette J. Houston


 Wil's Winter by Antoinette

Wil’s Winter by Antoinette

Wil’s Winter by Antoinette J. Houston

Wil’s winter.bobby’s back for Rita and he’s dragging Thomas along for the ride. His plans include retribution and plenty of pain. Wil was at his wit’s end with Rita’s flirtatious ways. Their relationship had hit a major rough patch and was getting worse every day. Ever since they came to this nowhere town things have only gone downhill. He was seriously thinking about calling an end to it, but neither wanted to live without the other. Nikki and Ingrid are expecting and find themselves at a loss with their ‘brother’ and ‘sister’s often violent arguments on top of trying to keep their secrets well hidden. But, this town of Horsenose had its own collection of surprises for this motley family.

About the author

Antoinette J. Houston was born Antoinette J. Stewart in El Paso, Texas but raised in Union City, Georgia. She now lives in Hampton, Georgia with her husband and rambunctious four year old son with whom she particularly enjoys not acting her age. Her hobbies include creative cooking, drawing, playing video games and a budding interest in quilting. She enjoys watching anime and reading mangas and loves an eclectic array of music ranging from metal to classic r&b.Antoinette  is a burgeoning writer with hopes of sharing her fantasies.

Having always loved the world of science fiction and fantasy; Antoinette has written and re-written many of her own stories. Now reaching almost forty she has the desire to see if the stories she’s amused herself with will be enjoyed by others as well. Red Summer is the first story that began the love of writing. click HERE to Amazon http://www.pinterest.com/ahouston5738/new-books-by-indie-authors/http://AntoinetteHouston.com http://antoinettehouston.businesscatalyst.com/contact.html Follow me on twitter @1975Okame 4.0 out of 5 stars Red Summer Really Is All That And A Bag of Chips : ) March 29, 2014By Melissa WalkerFormat:Kindle EditionAntoinette Houston, author of Red Summer has really worked hard to bring this story to life giving it the creativity and flare that is needed to really get the book off the ground.

The story which follows four high school students as they live out their daily lives varies from other books because these students have no end because their life is currently on repeat meaning they live out their high school years over and over until something disturbs the pattern that has been set forth before them and will change things forever. The paranormal oddity that is added to the story really enlightens why things are the way they are and how it will change things for good. The main character Rita is well put together and you will soon learn of her ability and how other characters Nikki, Ingrid and Wil play their part as well. I really enjoyed reading the book and can see great things from this amazing writer. I think any readers that enjoy suspense and twists will love Red Summer.4.0 out of 5 stars Honest review given March 24, 2014By Fictional Men’s Page For Book Ho’sFormat:Kindle Edition

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