Why the Chicken Crossed the World by Funky Chicken

Why the Chicken Crossed the World non fiction novel

Why the Chicken Crossed the World

Why the Chicken Crossed the World

18 Surprising Secrets from China on Success, Wealth, and Happiness

About the Book:
A brilliant collection of hilariously poignant true stories illustrate what China teaches us about happiness, wealth, love, power, and getting what you want. Based on a successful, witty blog by a Chinese-American expatriate in Shanghai, these impactful insights loved by worldwide readers illuminate how China changes your world at home.

Experience this amusingly honest resident’s view of the most influential country in our lifetime. Peek into an entertaining and thought-provoking world that you won’t find described in newspapers or textbooks. China: where is all that money coming from, and will it really rule the world?

Only in China could you fall into the glamorous expat life of having a personal driver, maid, and private Mandarin tutor—only to quickly learn that your “help” are all richer and more financially savvy than you.

Enter a realm of wild possibilities, and the twisted ironies of the world’s fastest-growing emerging market. A 50-year-old maid’s family was so poor during the communist Mao era, they bought their son a wife in exchange for a watch. Decades later, that same maid bought her daughter a nose job, and accidentally turned her into a model. In China today, a new luxury mall magically appears the week you go on vacation. Weekends are spent at fabulous pool parties. Yet this authoritarian state is still far from democratic—just ask Chinese mothers who create “dating resumes” to pimp their children out at marriage fairs.

Learn the tricks of life success, seen through the twinkling eyes of a mischievous humorist. Follow the sassy and smart Funky Chicken—shameless enough to nearly do a TED talk in a chicken suit, but wise enough to create a pen name in authoring this tell-all tale about the world’s most powerful communist country. Flirting with China is fun; getting arrested is not.

What can you learn from China, and how will it change your life? See for yourself.

About the Author:

Funky Chicken is the pen name of a Chinese-American who writes with full honesty and wit about her adventures living in Shanghai.

She’s the Clark Kent undercover observer of the real China you never knew. Only, her superhero ability is to slip undetected into a sea of a billion people to capture the Communist China of today — full of Ferraris, smart phones, and ads for plastic surgery — all the while managing to avoid getting arrested.

Her day job is being the Chief Strategy Officer for China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan at one of the largest global companies in the world. When not hiding in a corporate suit, she writes a clever, humorous China blog loved by a worldwide audience.

She is a charming (almost) TED speaker, astute observer, and definite random adventure collector. Unlike many other authors, she lives with her zero children in an unquiet non-suburb and owns no dogs.

She will gladly do consulting projects and speaker events for a small fee, and will do so in a chicken suit for a larger one.

Find how the Funky Chicken will change your world at speaking@findingfunkychicken.com

Facebook Name: https://www.facebook.com/whythechickencrossedtheworld/


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Amazingly written. Clear and concise, hilarious and descriptive, a guidebook and a comedy book.

This book has it all. Funky Chicken displays an incredible self-awareness that is rare. She gets what she’s doing, her internal monologue is hilarious, and the struggles with cultural assimilation are extremely relateable to anyone that travels, and anyone that has any passing familiarity with Asians (even in the US). We are not so different, so here’s a view into our weird world. Admittedly, even I learned quite a bit about said weird world.

Anyway, I truly hope this is the first in a series of books because I had such a blast reading it. If nothing else, it’s hilarious.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I could not put this book down! The author’s unique, smart and witty style of storytelling provided very interesting (and fun!) insights into China’s current social, political, economic issues through the eyes of an American Born Chinese (ABC). I’ve even been reading these stories aloud to my non-ABC fiance, who loves the perspective he’s gained on the country and culture and the humor that has him chuckling through each chapter.


Format: Kindle Edition

I love this book! As an expat who has lived in China for 5 years, it is refreshing to see someone take such a humorous spin on the daily frustration and steep learning curves that comes with every day living and working in the vast middle kingdom. I used to wait anxiously each day for the posts (when it was still a blog) to show up in my inbox for my dosage of self-deprecating fun . . . I felt like a crack addict minus the self-prostitution part. Now you can get all the dosages you need in this great book filled with smart mouthing maids, meddling colleagues, and soul sucking perks – welcome to the addiction club.


Format: Kindle Edition

Ok, maybe a BIT exaggerated…
But as someone who has lived in China for almost 15 years, these stories reminded me of what it was like to first move here.
Wrestling that combination of wonder, bewilderment, chaos and charm, and a lot of “mechanized idiocy” (as someone described it to me recently). China can’t help but change you, and this process is best handled with a healthy dose of humor, something Funky Chickens’ stories have (n)oodles of. Very funny stuff, read it!


Format: Kindle Edition

Such outrageous stories!! Who knew there’d be so many hilarious characters in China: the witty maid, the insightful driver, the snarky Chinese friend, the backwards coworkers. The Funky Chicken delivers with story after story detailing life in Shanghai. I’ve re-read each chapter several times (quite short) and still found it hilarious each time. Check it out!


Format: Kindle Edition

Really enjoyed this book! (Read it on Kindle unlimited, so unfortunately I don’t show up as Verified Buyer). Read the whole thing on one flight out to the west coast. It was a light hearted, humorous, yet informative take on the day to day culture of China through the eyes of an ABC. I also unexpectedly learned a lot about why my parents are the way they are, such as their fear of microwaves. Great book if you’re an ABC or if you know one!



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