This tale describes the near collapse of America from the inside. Using microchip implants, the adversaries plan to take control of the nation’s decision-makers to eliminate the 2nd amendment, thereby leaving America defenseless. Following a killing and suicide on national television, two leaders of the pro and anti gun forces come together to stop what they both feel is the imminent downfall of the nation.
It’s an international action thriller from start to finish, all set against the coming 4th of July vote to rescind the 2nd amendment and throw America into chaos.

About the author

D.A. Grady has spent much of his life in the west. Growing up, high school summers were spent chasing mustangs or wild horses, just outside of Reno, Nevada. He and friends captured and then broke them to ride, later selling them for school money.
He is a veteran, old school cowboy and is most at home in that world, including, hunting and fishing and spending time with his animals.
After joining the U.S. Navy in 1962, he received a Presidential appointment to the Naval Academy, after which he rejoined the fleet and became part of America’s space program. While stationed aboard the USS Lake Champlain, he worked in air traffic control and was a member of the team used to recover Gemini III and Gemini V space vehicles.
Later, he joined the news staff of KSWO-TV in Lawton, Oklahoma where he anchored the news desk for several years, during which he received the Salvation Army’s National Service to Mankind Award for a documentary he produced on a nearby Snyder, Oklahoma, devastated by a tornado.
In years to follow, D.A. entered U.S. Army civil service at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma as a logistician, working in emergency management, designing and operating a first of its kind emergency operations center, which played a key role inOperation Desert Storm.
During that time, he undertook the training of specialized dogs used in the detection of narcotics and explosives. He and his dog, King, became known nationwide for their efforts in detecting contraband in both military and federal law enforcement.
Later, he transferred to Ft. McPherson, Georgia to become the Chief of the Army’s Away Team, a rapid response deployment unit, providing on-site management and reporting to the highest levels of the Pentagon.
Recruited by Dell Compute, D.A. came to Austin, Texas, working as operations manager for its federal division.
Two years later he formed Solutions for Older Americans, LLC, a consulting firm, working exclusively with America’s Senior Citizens to help them improve their quality of living.
Mr. Grady lives in Cedar Park, Texas with his wife, Emma. His sons, Ken and Carl live in Houston and daughter, Angela lives close by.

He can be found at his website: www.bardsnest.com and also at his blogsite: http://wp.me/p5Bnng-qS.  twitter:@dagsnotes   My facebook

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