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Blog post: When the Roller Coaster Stops by Susan Tarr

When the ROLLER COASTER Stops is the story of a young woman’s roller coaster ride in the face of a medical minefield.

Strong-willed Bethany is a happy and well-adjusted 29-yr old. She’s just returned to New Zealand from a holiday in Italy. She had a tummy upset there, and she still has it when she comes home.,/p>

When she does visit her doctor, he doesn’t hand her a prescription and tell her to take a day off work. Instead he schedules an appointment with a specialist.

And so begins her ROLLER COASTER journey along the multi-leveled pathways of the New Zealand medical system.

She employs a young woman as her housekeeper. Her name is Kate. Bethany is not sure this employment idea will work out since Kate seems as timid as a mouse.

Kate is both intimidated and in awe of the vibrant and raucous Bethany. And almost as soon as she begins her employment, Kate realizes her employer is really too much for her, so she resigns.

Yet something draws Kate back again. And again.

When the ROLLER COASTER Stops takes the reader along a journey of discovery, as Bethany and Kate both reluctantly take on their individual journeys. They are total opposites, so nothing goes smoothly for either of them.

As Bethany’s condition worsens, now diagnosed as Colorectal Cancer, she depends more on Kate.

Kate is not used to such responsibility, however she is bound by the empathy she feels toward Bethany. Sometimes, she feels trapped.

So Kate also wonders what happens When the ROLLER COASTER Stops? How will she react, respond, manage this irascible woman who has wound herself so deeply into Kate’s thoughts and life?

When the ROLLER COASTER Stops is my latest release. And I drew from both personal experience and during the times my young daughter was diagnosed with Grade 4 cancer. I noticed how her friends processed the information, and how my daughter did, and what they each did with it.

,p>I found myself often wondering what happens When the ROLLER COASTER Stops?

I’ve been writing for 25-years, drawing on my international travels, work within the New Zealand tourism industry, and work in various psychiatric hospitals within New Zealand.

I lived in Kenya, East Africa, for some years where I began my family.

And although I mainly write from personal experience, I also use anecdotal information from conversations and other peoples’ stories, resulting in characters who take on a life of their own and often become larger than life.

I enjoy a wide variety of personalities so as I write their stories, my characters will sometimes lead me to places I couldn’t imagine. I just relax and let them form.,/p>

I’m passionate about my writing and I usually have three books on the go at any one time.

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