When Good Friends Go Bad

When Good Friends Go Bad

When Good Friends Go Bad

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At school, tomboy Jen, snobby Georgina, hippy Meg and gentle Rowan were inseparable until a childish prank went bad. As adults an attempted reunion was disaster. Rowan didn’t show up. Meg acted outrageously and Jen discovered Georgina’s shocking betrayal. Now, in mid-divorce, the last thing Jen needs is a call from Meg. Or is it? Will Meg’s strange request open old wounds or help to heal the rift – or recover Jen’s never-forgotten, first true love? Seeking the truth about Rowan, Jen, Meg and Georgina will be tested on love, loyalty, and friendship, waking a danger that threatens them all.

Ellie Campbell Bio

We are Scottish sisters, Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell, who collaborate from our homes in England and USA, finding the many thousands of miles a handy buffer for any rare artistic disagreements. The two youngest of four sisters, we spent much of our childhood together, pretending to be cowboys or pirates, or acting in improvised plays, and perhaps that’s why writing together comes naturally to us. We love humour, mysteries, and stories that surprise, touch our emotions, or make us laugh. We’re passionate about animals, family and our friends. We both spent years traveling and living in various exotic locations – France, Australia, Thailand, Borneo, Colombia, Guatemala…there was a time when either one or the other of us was far from home, packing in as much adventure as life could provide. These days we’re fairly firmly rooted, Pam living near London, with husband, three children and a dog, while Lorraine is on her Colorado ranch overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains in wild and wonderful Boulder with husband, five horses, five cats, one dog and six chickens.  From our independent beginnings as internationally published short story writers, we started collaborating as Ellie Campbell when we decided we both wanted to write a novel about the whole wonderfully crazy (and crazy-making) sister experience. We’ve now written five novels (expect the sixth shortly) and we are eternally grateful to everyone who has supported us along this different kind of journey.

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By Batterseapurple on March 27, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Another great book by Ellie Campbell! This time the author takes us into the world of four women who were best friends when they were 13 and are now getting together again 25 years later. The great thing about this book is that in addition to bringing the polar opposite lives of these four women to life in a funny and sometimes wicked way, she also shows that no matter how far any of them have come, they are still the same 13 year old girls underneath it all. Gorgeous, successful Georgina struggles to escape the little fat girl she was at school, Jen wrestles with her enduring love for Aiden, who abandoned her and married Georgina and Meg tries to hide how low she has sunk in her life back in the States. Throw into this the mystery about Rowan and where she is – the fourth member of the quartet – and you have a really great read.


Format: Paperback

I really enjoyed reading this book about 4 friends who for various reasons don’t really keep in touch. They were trouble makers in school–but always had each others backs. When Rowen decides to contact all the others for a reunion-but then does not show up herself-the others are worried BUT other problems have to be worked through first. They intermittently try to track Rowen down–but road blocks keep getting in their way. They do ultimately find her-and trouble! I do not want to give away the ending–so I am going to stop right here–If you decide to read this book (I would suggest the book although it does come in e-book format) you will not be disappointed! When Good Friends Go Bad


By Sheri A. Wilkinson on February 17, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

When Good Friends Go Bad by Ellie Campbell

Jen the “tomboy”, Georgina the “snob”, Meg the “hippy” and Rowan the “shy, kind, naive one” were best friends in school. Then and incident occurred that tore the group apart. As they grew they all went their separate ways.

Many years later Jen gets a call from Meg. Meg says it is a matter of life and death to find Rowan. Reluctantly the three (Georgie, Jen & Meg) decide to do this. As they begin there quest to find their missing friend, old wounds are opened, secrets reveled, feelings gets hurt, resentments build, and some feel betrayed. Will this pull them all together again, or keep them apart forever?

A well written emotional story. I liked Jen, she is going through a divorce it is a rough time in her life. This is something a lot of women can relate to. Georgina is likable as well, although some find her a snob, I felt she was just opinionated. Meg the one you love to hate. She is not afraid to “tell-it-like-it-is” and them some, not worrying about the consequences. And Rowan, she was just so down to earth and likable.

The story was very good, there were so many secrets and “WOW” moments. I liked the whole concept of old friends trying to reunite, that (I believe) does happen in real life. We see them all go through many emotions from happy to sad. Each one is battling their own problems and trying to find their friend.

I highly recommend When Good Friends Go Bad to women (men too) who love a good emotional drama with a dash of romance and humor. A true 5 star read!

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