When Disconnected, by Christine Jayne Vann

When Disconnected by Christine Jayne Vann

When Disconnected

When Disconnected

“Tales to tug at the readers’ hearts and broaden their minds” in When Disconnected. This collection of short fantasy and sci-fi stories explores disconnect and the feeling of otherness in a range of interesting scenarios that go “under the surface of normality”.

About the Author

Christine Vann

Christine Jayne Vann works as a web developer, and lives in Oxfordshire with her family, hedgehog and various squirrels. She runs the exotic pet resource website Crittery and also enjoys geocaching.


Stories which prompt daydreams and musings

By A. Moran-Soley on April 26, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

‘When Disconnected’ by Christine Vann is a unique collection of short stories that really get the reader thinking.
I have never really read short stories before, but I found this collection compelling. Whilst they span several different genres, they each present a fascinating look at human reactions to startling scenarios. After each one, I found myself pausing to think, ‘what would I do, if it were me?’ These are stories which prompt daydreams and musings.
The collection begins with ‘Emotion’, an original exploration of the personification of inner demons. This contrasts sharply with the fairy tale-like atmosphere in ‘Shill and Shadows’ (one of my favourite). From there, the author explores the challenge of survival in a post-apocalyptic world in ‘Left for Dust’, with graphic descriptions of Harren’s struggle to find life. ‘Shaded’ – another personal favourite – touches on the paranormal to look at how we deal with grief. Next, ‘Affinities’ is a coming of age story, following Kainen’s attempts to fit in and find his place in life. ‘Timely Journey’ was the one that made think the most. The characters in this short story find themselves in a unique position and realise that one person’s dream could be another person’s nightmare. The premise is completely original and had me pondering my own response to such a situation for quite a while. ‘Mingle’ touches again on the theme of ‘fitting in’ with a modern school setting, and finally, ‘Startorn’ has more of a sci-fi feel, but is still rooted in human responses and human emotions.
Overall, this is an extremely intelligent collection which has something to appeal to everyone. Read it when you have a little time to stop and reflect.
Immerse Yourself

By Fiction Author Rhoda D’Ettore on May 4, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Rhoda D’Ettore’s Reviews – I borrowed this on Kindle Unlimited.

Hold on to your kindle as you take a journey through various tales, each unique in story and message. This short story collection has something to entertain everyone, and will push the boundaries of your imagination. From a forest of shadows to a passenger train, the settings are diverse.As one reviewer rightly described Shill and Shadows to portray a fairy tale like quality, I found Timely Journey to be a homage to Twilight Zone and stories of that nature. Although some stories are fantasy, it is easy to relate to the characters and situations which gives the stories and the author a great deal of credibility.

The style, descriptions and dialogue are well written and realistic. The great thing about such a collection is that if one story line is not for you, there are plenty more in which to immerse yourself. This book is indeed short, as another reviewer stated, however, it gives us a sampling of what is to come from a promising new author. It is also a great choice for those who may commute or travel, as the pages will fly by quickly.So turn off your computer and check out “When Disconnected” for yourself today.

By N Laeser on May 13, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

When disconnected is a collection of short stories of varied genre and each written in a unique and often poetic style.
I’ve always found poetry to be personal, both to the author and to the readers it connects with. Poetry is akin to flavour and everyone has different tastes. I like my poetry the way I like my coffee: cool, dark, bitter, and with a slap in the face at the end to ensure I’m fully awake. For me, the more poetic stories didn’t connect as well as the ones written in a more literary style, but that is my preference and should in no way reflect on the quality of poetic prose; some love jazz, some don’t.There were a few stories in this collection that stepped away from the poetic style, and it was these stories that stirred my imagination into overdrive, even long after finishing the stories. Some of the stories played out like movie trailers that made me eager to see the movie, Startorn was one of those stories, and my favourite of the collection, followed by Mingle, and Left For Dust. Each and any of these stories could be the synopsis for an episode of the Twilight zone.This author was new to me, and i’m interested to see the work she produces in the future, perhaps a novella expanding on the Startorn story. (hint, hint)On the merit of the stories that conformed to my often narrow taste, I give this collection 4 stars
I developed a real sense of empathy with some of the characters and particularly enjoyed reading Shill

By Nick Brett on April 21, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

A powerful and thought provoking collection of short stories. I developed a real sense of empathy with some of the characters and particularly enjoyed reading Shill, Left For Dust and Startorn.


Gifted and imaginative author

By Lesley Hayes on May 3, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I took this short story collection on a long journey with me this weekend, and it seemed entirely fitting, especially when sitting on a train reading ‘Timely Journey’ – one of my personal favourites, which had me absolutely gripped, and afterwards left me uneasily pondering. This was perhaps for me one of the most original in a collection of quite unique stories. The early stories are quite lyrical and self-focused, and although skilfully drawn, I found them less absorbing than the depiction of the lone character’s struggle to survive in the post-apocalyptic world in ‘Left for Dust’, for instance, and the strangely moving essay on grief in ‘Shaded’. There are recognisable themes in this cross-genre collection: alienation, personal survival, the quest to connect – and the reason for the choice of title is made abundantly clear. I was at times moved, horrified, shocked, and forced into self-reflection. This gifted and imaginative author is intent on exploring the extremes of human emotion, showing us what we are made of, under the surface of normality. I would like to see more of her work.
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