Visitations by P.S.Winn

Visitations by P.S.Winn


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Do you believe? Grab this collection of paranormal short stories and you might! From the soft touch of butterfly wings, to an unexpected guest at the ball, US and UK readers can get a peek at the other side.
Goosebumps included!

About the Author

P. S. WinnBiography
Thanks to readers who made all this possible.
It is you and your wonderful imaginations that
finish the books with that movie screen in your minds.
I was lucky to be able to have you join me on my three year journey
to write 32 books. I am slowing down on the writing, but I hope you
will still grab and enjoy the books. If I touch even one person with the writing,
I will feel I have done my job.


Format: Paperback

I do not normally read short stories, but I like the spooky type of paranormal tales included in this book. They were sort of like Twilight Zone or Tales from the Dark Side… a little creepy, sometimes predictable, but are a clean read without excessive violence, profanity or worse. I read stories like this as a kid who wanted a “horror” tale, but could not read the “bad stuff”. The stories differ in nature, but all, as the title suggests, include “Visitations” from the other side.

This 160 page collection of short stories was the perfect remedy for a Spring snow in New Jersey. So if you get chance to curl up by a fire, make a cup of cocoa…remember to leave the light on while reading this collection.


Format: Kindle Edition

I just finished this book and it left me wanting more. I admit that I don’t normally read books of Fiction; however after reading this author’s book; I can see this changing. Every story gave me chills, but many caused me to get teary eyed and this was a first. The author has a true knack for story telling, and if the truth be told; I was in awe of her talent. Whether you have ever had a paranormal experience or are just interested in such things, this is a book that is “a must read.” This book will keep you interested from beginning to end and will leave you glad that you read it! Kudos to the author.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Whether or not you believe in ghosts or the paranormal, you will enjoy Pamela Winn’s latest offering “Visitations.” The book is made up of ten well-crafted stories, each will grab you and not let you go. Pamela Winn has an honest, unpretentious style that makes the reader feel like you’re sitting in a living room listening to your best friend telling stories – only these stories are designed to make you check under the furniture and in the closets when they’re finished. As always, this author has done a superb job.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Visitations is an intriguing and enjoyable collection of ten short stories that held me spellbound. I found each story to be interesting and couldn’t wait until the end to find out the how and why of each tale. The stories were sweet, sad and held a myriad of emotions as they unfolded.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it highly. P.S. Winn is a talented storyteller with an eclectic collection of genres for every taste.



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