Unrequited,One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka

Here’s the scoop!

Unrequited –
One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends,

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If you’ve Ever Fallen in Love
or Sat on Fallen Off of a Barstool,
Unrequited will Captivate You.

Unrequited —One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka.


Christy Heron

One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka

One Girl, Thirteen Boyfriends, and Vodka

Christy Heron’s Unrequited isn’t your everyday humdrum “He broke my heart, boo, I’m sad, I need a knight in white satin armor to save me!” novel.

The Scoop,
Girl meets boy.
Girl loves vodka.
Girl falls in love with boy.
Boy only wants girl for one thing.
Boy breaks girl’s heart
Girl still loves vodka.
It’s not quite that simple.
January Estlin doesn’t live in New York City. Her life doesn’t involve vampires or a roll-your-eyes, unrealistic sex life, and she doesn’t date overdramatic, complicated billionaires.
January dates who you date and when you read Unrequited you’ll say,
Omg, I’ve been through that, right?
I know exactly what she means.
Unrequited, a contemporary romance novel from Christy Heron, is a funny, fresh, sexy, true-to-life story, told through the eyes of our main character, twenty-something January Estlin.
Within a year of meeting Jack (a year filled with lascivious sex and drama) January quits her job and moves from Los Angeles to Jack’s hometown. Problem is, he has a girlfriend, while January is single and desperately in love with him.
In the small beach town she now calls home, she parties and dates as often as she puts her car key in the ignition. As you flip pages, you’ll peek at January’s drunken, late night texts, personal diary entries and delight in your front row seat to the action while January encounters boyfriends, girlfriends, travel, career choices, and a Black Sea of Ketel One.
Her number one priority is Jack, and January will do anything to turn their sporadic, wildly bodacious fling into a committed relationship.
Unrequited isn’t any ordinary work of fiction. Guys will dig the drinking and drool over the uninhibited sex. Ladies, you will love the fashion, passion, and shared experiences of all women, while you travel with January to Las Vegas, Hollywood, and even Fiji.
Despite the mayhem, January eventually falls for a new boy—a sophisticated Hollywood agent and single dad living in Los Angeles.
Will January Estlin move on and grow up, or decant the rest of her life into a champagne flute, while pursuing the unattainable?
In the end, you will be salivating for a tall ice-cold vodka/soda.
And don’t forget the limes. It’s all about the limes.
Oh, and you’ll probably learn at least 50 new ways to say “Drunk.”
Christy Heron
One Girl, 
13 Boyfriends, 
and Vodka.
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The new novel by Christy Heron

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About the author
Christy Heron has been writing professionally for the last thirteen years and was an editor and writer at a weekly paper in California for five. She is the author of the novels Twenty Something and Blonde: A Tale of a Los Angeles Life on The Verge (with plans for a prequel and sequel) and is currently working on the novel, Soulcrusher, an up close look at a family living through, and with, Alzheimer’s Disease.



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