Universal Laws Explained by Christine Sherborne (Author)

Universal Laws Explained

Universal Laws Explained

Unlock the power of the natural and supernatural laws of the Universe

Imagine being privy to these influential laws and using them to guide your life, and flow with their power. So many people struggle against the natural stream of life. Everything is energy. Align your vibration to the Cosmos. 
As you learn these principals, you can work with them instead of against them, to bring tranquility and joyfulness into your life, and that of your family. 
If you study and practice them regularly, you will find that each day will flow smoothly and get to be more fun. 
Align yourself naturally with the cosmos, using its power to draw to you the life of your dreams. 

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My name is Chris Sherborne and after raising three lively boys in the UK, our family moved New Zealand, and now live on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia.

I’ve been writing self-help, mind, body, and spirit audios for the last ten years. I’m the author of the Quantum Factor Life Enhancement Series, and Law of Attraction Series. You can find my Life Mastery Apps on iTunes. Visit audible.com, to see my 19 audios. http://bit.ly/1nmv0oM

Last year, I decided to write a trilogy using my spiritual and paranormal knowledge, and found I loved writing fiction. I’m now writing the third book and have many ideas bubbling for future books.

Thank you for buying my book, and I hope you enjoyed it. Please contact me with any comments. I would love to hear from you. chris@colourstory.com


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