Tunnels by P.S.Winn


Tunnels by P.S.Winn

Tunnels by P.S.Winn



– Nikki is called home to help a dying father, only to find out whatever is killing him didn’t come from this world. Instead she must travel through the wormhole like tunnels her father invented to other worlds and alternate realities in a race against time for the cure. Nikki has some help in her journey but also finds some who want to use the project for different darker reasons than she does

<<<Hey, peeps, ths is my 100th Review!!! Huzzah!!!>>> Tunnels by P. S. Winn is an intriguing and thought-provoking tale of family crisis, scientific opportunity and selfless sacrifice. Scott Anderson is a research scientist who has discovered the secret of inter-dimensional travel, though not in time to save the life of his beloved Sarah. Losing her to a bout with cancer, Scott’s project leads him to the discovery of a new planet, Garaden. Yet it becomes clear that it is far from another world when he and his daughter Nikki are reunited with Sarah once more. Only they soon perceive it is not the Sarah they once knew, and Scott discovers that he had crossed the threshold into an alternate universe. This is an imaginative and inspiring tale by P.S. Winn recommended for both sci-fi fans and speculative fiction lovers alike.
I really loved this book a lot. It was very interesting and it was definitely something different that I had never read before. I will most definitely give this author another try in the future!
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“Tunnels” by P.S. Winn is a wonderful and spellbinding tale. The very likable main characters are extremely easy to relate with and “take a walk in their shoes”. The story itself is a major “page turner” that is difficult to put down once started. This book is presented in a folksy conversational manner making you feel like you are reading about good friends. So, this is a really fun read that should not be missed. ENJOY!

About the Author

P.S. Winn writes books to clear all the ideas from her head. This is her fourth book. Because she can’t sleep at night until all those ideas are out, it won’t be her last.
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