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Trusting the Currents

Trusting the Currents

Trusting the Currents is a multi-award winning visionary novel that guides readers into their own truth and transformation. Never expecting to be a writer, Author Lynnda Pollio’s life abruptly changes when she unexpectedly hears the mystical voice of Addie Mae Aubrey, a Southern, African American woman. Her first words, “It’s not what happened to me that matters,” begin a spirited remembering of Addie Mae’s teenage years in the late 1930s rural South and the hard-earned wisdom she asks Lynnda to share.

Narrated by Addie Mae Aubrey, Trusting the Currents is a story of self-discovery and the uneasy search for one’s place in life. Beginning at age eleven with the arrival of beautiful, mysterious cousin Jenny and her shadowy stepfather, Uncle Joe, Trusting the Currents explores Addie Mae’s reluctant awakening. As Jenny introduces Addie Mae to the natural world, a caring teacher guides Addie Mae with the power of reading. Romantic love enters her life for the first time with Rawley, and we learn how Addie Mae’s emerging sense of self compels her to a life-altering decision.

There are three levels to the book: Addie Mae’s powerful story, universal life messages woven throughout the story, and high energetic frequencies embedded in the writing that shift consciousness deep into the heart when reading.

Addie Mae reveals how life blossoms when we have the courage to not only accept but also learn from our mistakes and sorrows. Her story may belong to one woman, but the lessons it teaches belong to everyone willing to open their hearts and listen to the truth within their souls.

Trusting the Currents has won 12 book awards for literary excellence:

Winner: 2014 Nautilus Book Awards Gold Medal in Fiction
Winner: 2015 IPPY Gold Medal in Visionary Fiction
Winner: 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards Gold Medal in Visionary Fiction
Winner: 2015 International Book Awards Gold Medal in Visionary Fiction
Winner: 2015 Readers Favorite Gold Medal in Inspirational Fiction
Winner: 2015 USA Book News Best Book Awards top Winner in Visionary Fiction
Winner: 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist in Inspirational Fiction
Winner: 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival, Honorable Mention in Spirituality
Winner: 2015 Writer’s Digest Book Awards, Honorable Mention in Inspiration
Winner: 2015 B.R.A.G Medallion
Winner: 2016 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards, Red Ribbon Winner in Fiction (England)
Winner: 2016 Selected as a 5-Star Awesome Indie, a list of quality independent fiction curated by publishing professionals

Trusting the Currents was also selected by Library Journal for its Self-e Select program as a great library book.

About the author

Lynnda Pollio has been on an extraordinary life path, passing through both great light and a dark night of the soul. Raised in a small town in New Jersey, living in New York City, she experienced the world from many angles and perspectives.

Lynnda has always had a calling to elevate human consciousness. This life purpose guided her as an accomplished advertising executive, as a consultant and thought leader in conscious business practices, and as the world’s first Chief Consciousness Officer, supporting Fortune 100 companies by helping them engage the human technologies of wisdom, intuition, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and gratitude. Currently, as an Empathic Consultant, she helps people and businesses energetically navigate the patterns and blocks holding them in a limited space.

She considers herself a bridge between worlds—the material and spiritual, hoping to help both companies and individuals find their way into an awakened future. Trusting the Currents is a seed she is planting in this dream and invites you to join her.

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I love books. I inhale them like I do oxygen. They nourish my body, heart and soul. I have read thousands of great books in my life. Trusting the Currents, is in the top 5 of the best books I have ever read. When I read it (which I do over and over again), I have the impulse to cut out the hundreds of wise, poignant and all knowing phrases and post them on every wall in my home. I want to be surrounded by its penetrating truth of courage, love and life.
As a psychotherapist, whose life’s work is helping people transform, I highly recommend reading this book and experiencing its transformative powers.
Thank you Lynnda for this precious gift – your labor of love for humanity.


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Never has a book played on so many deep, rich chords in me. Often suspenseful storytelling took me to the edge of my chair. Characters so real and instantly lovable kept taking me to the edge of tears in sharing their pain, joy, and love. And then there’s the writing. It’s jaw dropping amazing.that anyone could upholster so many pages with such poetic phrases.
On its face it’s a fable. Children and country folks welcome you into their homes, lives, and hearts, only to spout soul depth and spiritual sparkle in almost every paragraph.
Addie Mae, who tells this tale, you will never forget. So she includes us, through crucial moments, exchanges, happenings until we’ve seen her through coming of age and into her own. But that’s just surface.
Most of all this book is a glorious fountain of life force. Pure wondrous energy. Before saying more let me confess: I am an advanced energy healer, and when I saw a notice that mentioned ten awards as literature I “read” the energy. Both author and the work are highly unusual in the powers they radiate.
Then, in reading, I not only could feel this wondrous infusion even more powerfully by letting in word, by magic-laden word. But also I got to witness some immensely inspired spell-casting of the highest order.
The story unfolds as if we are accompanying Addie Mae as she blazes her way into a life finally truly hers. Barely hinted at in the text is the far more powerful story that unfolds–of how our own life, as reader, reaches to new depths and heights as Addie Mae works her way playfully into us as soul guide.
So why read this book?
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It’s rare that a story transports and transforms. Equally rare when you find yourself racing to find out how it will all turn out at the same time you never want the story to end. But that’s what happens in Trusting the Currents. The author calls the story of Addie Mae Aubrey a “new genre of conscious storytelling.” I call it brilliant and a highly recommended read!

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Format: Paperback

I’m an English Anglican parish priest who yearns for a greater degree of openness to all of the rich and diverse spiritual and philosophical traditions of our world. Trusting the Currents is packed cover to cover with a marvellous and extraordinary prose poetry that resonated in me rather in the way that Mary Oliver’s or May Sarton’s does. This is a generous-hearted and redeeming book that beckoned me into the “canyons” – those inner depths that lead us into the telling sounds of silence: “All of nature is very cooperative that way. It’s only us silly humans insistin’ on our own tongue, foolishly separatin’ ourselves from the rest a God’s creatures.”

Would that we trusted the currents of others’ understanding rather more generously than we do! Closeted only in the traditions that mothered each of us we risk becoming as dangerously small-minded and as poisoned as “Uncle Joe”. Life’s about giving ourselves, surrendering ourselves, to the great adventure of all that we don’t know. So, in the course of a few days retreat from the minutiae and the demands of English parochial life “I closed my eyes with her and let the wind have me”.

Is Trusting the Currents about the author, or about her “Addie Mae”, or about me? Well: I reckon it’s about you, and the author, and about the “voice” of an Addie Mae, AND about me. Highly recommended. I’ll look out for what others hear and see – and for Lynnda Pollio’s next book.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book really is a must read. Lynnda Pollio writes in a way that truly speaks to our soul. She takes us deep into the characters in the story and calls us to think and possibly change or grab the path we are on. Through Addie Mae, we learn more than the words written can say.

If you enjoy reading books, then this one will speak to you. If you enjoy being captured by an engaging and, at times, troubling story, then this one will speak to you. If you want to understand how characters in a story can change lives (good and bad), then this one will be one to not miss. As you read this book, you will think about your own life story as well.

My guess is you will read this book in one sitting… because you will not want to put it down. Afterwards, “Trusting the Currents” will remain in your thoughts and soul. A good place for it to be.



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