True Crime by Neha Sharma

True Crime by V.N. Sharma (Author)

True Crime

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Private Investigator Sean Hayes and his partner Ashley Reid are hired to find the fate of a girl who went missing 15 years back. And, before they could’ve made a move, the NYPD reaches out to Sean to investigate a murder case.

A long-closed case means Ashley has to treat everyone as a suspect. Sean, on the other hand, has to work with Detective Miller who opposes Sean’s approach at every step.

With limited evidence and a dearth of time, will Sean and Ashley be able to get to the end of the investigation and find the true intentions behind both the crimes?

Author Bio:

V N Sharma is the author of The Hayes Reid Mysteries.The series combines mystery, suspense, humor and a race against time. The Novels can be read in any order


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i enjoy D the mystery. One of the main characters is Sean Hayes. He is affiliated with the local police department and helps them solve murder cases. He is very quirky about the way he asked questions and puts the clues together, baffling the suspect as well as the detective he’s helping. His partner is Ashley Reid and her sleuthing and questioning techniques are also “out of the box” thinking. This book they are working on two separate cases and this refreshing book case you wondering what is going to happen next. Are the two cases related?
I definitely want to continue reading this series!

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Does not matter how many thrillers you’ve read in you life, mr Vashist manages to surprise you. Every time you think ahaaa so this is the culprit, things change in a blink and hop we have a new suspect. That is fun reading. Thank you Mr Vashist.

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I don’t think I knew what to expect but I was pleasantly pleased. I have listened to several stories on the channel and find them all informative, full of suspense and very interesting. I heard a lot of facts that were never revealed in other books, stories, movie or TV programs. I would recommend this to anyone who likes true crime stories.

The plot itself was good, hence the 3 stars.

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Entertaining Detective Series. Compelling twists throughout both cases being solved simultaneously. Believable characters with distinct personalities. Enjoyable and informative dialogue.

I may re-read this story and look forward to other works by this auth



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