Troubles by Ian Miller

Troubles by Ian Miller

Troubles by Ian Miller

Troubles by Ian Miller

By the mid 21st century the world economies had collapsed; the few wealthy live in gated communities where law is based on user pays, while the masses exist on residue-ridden food handouts in the remains of cities, where law is based on the gun. In one part of a decayed city, known as the Green Zone, two parents want a better life for their children. Jacob Adams fixes things for people in the nearest gated community. Lawrence Foster, an expert sniper, enforces order his way. Henry Adams has an ill-fated crush on Suzie Foster, but when his father is murdered, Lawrence executes the gang and uses the bounty to send Susan to college to become a lawyer. He also teaches Henry the art of killing and as he dies from the residues, he leaves Henry an armoury.

In 2051, fusion power, which will solve the energy shortage, is invented. Economies will grow, there are huge opportunities, and the world will change. By fair means or, more generally, foul means, David Sheldon ruthlessly acquires wealth and power by acquiring and trading companies. Susan Foster joins a corporation and, assisted by the machine pistol she always carries, helps it to become a monopoly. Henry, remaining in the Green Zone, has a dream in which everybody has the freedom and opportunity to flourish by themselves, free from big corporations. These three cannot coexist, so when David Sheldon and Suzie Foster turn their attention to the Green Zone, at stake is the future direction of the planet’s economy as well as their, and many others’, lives. Get troubles by Ian miller on Amazon

Authors Bio

Ian Miller is a semi-retired scientist who is married and lives in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. He took first class honours in chemistry, followed by a PhD from the University of Canterbury, and despite most of his working life being in the private sector his subsequent scientific work has led to about 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, mainly on the structures of seaweed polysaccharides, energy from wastes and biomass, photochemistry, and theoretical science. He has also written about 35 other general scientific articles, and was on the Editorial Board of Botanica Marina between about 1998-2008. He has owned Carina Chemical Laboratories Ltd, a New Zealand private research company since 1986, and during this period he has embarked on setting up or helping new businesses based on chemistry, including the manufacture and uses of pyromellitates (a cursed venture) seaweed processing, the development of Nemidon gels ( and fuels through hydrothermal processing.

As result of a student bet, he completed one work of fiction, which quite rightly at first did not succeed, and when subsequently revised was unlucky, but now in later life he has returned to writing fiction. In semi-retirement he is now self-publishing ebooks, including scientific ones to present theoretical work that is otherwise not published, or futuristic science fiction.



4.0 out of 5 stars A dangerous future February 17, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition
I would have given this five stars but it needs just a little proofreading to earn them. I was given a copy of this book for my honest review and I believe I have. This is a book you will find hard to put down. It seems to slow a little in places but the author switches POV and gets the pace back on track. A very good book with a vision of what the future could look like.
Troubles is set in the near future where governments are no longer effective and Earth has used up most of the natural resources. Corruption has ran rampant and money is basically worthless. It is where everyone for themselves and life is cheap. The hope of the story is the return to a time when it was basically free to walk down the street and not get mugged or killed. Corporate, police and the rich don’t have to worry, they live in the gated communities where they are somewhat safe.
Henry, the man character of the story finds himself being trained to be a sniper the law and order man of the green zone. He inherits the task of killing anyone that robs, or kills someone else in the green zone. He becomes the judge, jury and executioner but he wants to change that way of life by working to return the green zone and its inhabitants to law and order without the gun.
Susan is the daughter of the man that trained Henry and is the second main character. Some parts of the story is told from her POV. She is just as deadly or more so than Henry but not as quick to kill as she is.
Here is a link to Ian’s book that you will find yourself unable to put down!
4.0 out of 5 stars A book of our time November 3, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition

Troubles is a book of our time – thoughtful, cerebral and written by an author of obvious high intellect. The book covers a post apocalyptic world after a financial meltdown and a lack of trust in authority but with a few good men who are not up to the job. The book covers a number of stages including the aftermath of the troubles and, personally, I would have liked to have spent a little more time in the Troubles and left the recovery for another book – for there’s certainly enough story for the next novel.

There’s suspense, a lot of characters that you want to kick up the backside or shake and I guess that’s the essence of characterisation – to solicit an emotional response and it did.

If I had a criticism then it would have to be that I’d like less “telling” and more left to the imagination – let the story unfold rather than the narrator filling in the pieces. But, its a mild criticism for I kept on reading and was sorry to get to the end and the story is still with me so that is the mark of a good author.



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