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Mary knew her son, Jess, was special from the day he was born. He has special gifts including the gift of healing.When Jess accidentally heals a man who has cancer, a group, calling themselves The Consecrated, label him a false prophet and will stop at nothing to get to Jess and stop him from healing. Do they have ulterior motives? Grab  the book to find out!

About the author

Help! The thoughts are spinning!I write because I have to. I cannot fall asleep without thoughts for a book going through my head. They also invade my dreams, so I have to put them on paper. I have to do this long hand. I always write my books first with pen and paper. If I just try and type them for some strange reason,the flow of words is interrupted. So, I am always carrying around my pen and notepad. Which I am more than glad to do, because of my love for it. I will continue writing, even if my books don’t sell, but I hope they do and I hope the readers will love them and want more. I’m not sure how to classify my books. Although the supernatural plays a big part and a bit of the spiritual without being religious. I hope when the readers out there pick up my books they will enjoy my stories. I also have my short stories on Story Star all with great ratings, and poems on All Poetry. Here’s to happy reading for years to come!
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