Transgalactic Antics by J.J.Green

Transgalactic Antics by J J Green

Transgalactic Antics

Transgalactic Antics

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Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer #3

Watch out! Carrie Hatchett has a plan.
Carrie’s impulsive, reckless nature gets her in trouble again, and if she wants to keep her job as a Transgalactic Intercultural Community Crisis Liaison Officer, she has to pass remedial training.
Little does she know that her survival and the future of the galactic empire are also at stake.
With the help of her level-headed bestie, Dave, and her fellow alien trainees—an intelligent slug, a mysterious box, a large green blob, and a cylinder of hair—she might just succeed. But so much stands in her way. A brain scan confirms that she isn’t cut out for the job, and a blast from the past rears her beautiful head, sending Carrie into a crisis of self-doubt.
When the evil mechanical aliens, the placktoids, return, Carrie must put together a plan that actually works. A plan to rid the galaxy of the placktoid menace, and save her life.
Transgalactic Antics is book three in the light-hearted, fast-paced Carrie Hatchett, Space Adventurer series.

About the Author

J.J. GreenJ.J. Green was born in London’s East End within the sound of the church bells of St. Mary Le Bow, Cheapside, which makes her a bona fide Cockney. She first left the U.K. as a young adult and has lived in Australia and Laos. She currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where she entertains the locals with her efforts to learn Mandarin. Writers she admires include Philip K. Dick, Ursula Le Guin, Douglas Adams, Connie Willis and Ann Leckie.

Green writes science fiction, fantasy, weird, dark and humorous tales, and her work has appeared in Lamplight, Perihelion, Saturday Night Reader and other magazines and websites. Sign up to her mailing list at

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Format: Kindle Edition

This is my first time reading about Carrie Hatchet Space Adventure. I soon became engossed thoroughly and enjoyed immersing myself in the story, the characters were each so unique, and interacted so well that, as the reader, I had no trouble at all dealing with the idea of a human conversing with a custard yellow blob of sentient liquid. I particularly felt that the humour was perfectly balanced between the pace of the narrative and adventurous situations that Carrie found herself in. I enjoyed the book so much that I am now going to go back and read books 1 & 2. I received an ARC version of this awesome book for a frank and honest review. If you have not read any of the Carrie Hatchet books before, then your in for a real treat and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

Format: Kindle Edition

Transgalactic Antics is the third book in the Carrie Hatchett Space Adventurer series. Book #2 ended in a cliffhanger and book #3 picks up where it left off. I would highly suggest you read both earlier books in the series before reading this book.

Carrie finds out that the Dandrobians (book #2) and the Placktoids (book #1) are working together to invade other planets. Carrie is joined by old friends and frenemies in additional training as they try to solve the crisis and stop the Placktoids.

This book does not end in a cliffhanger but is open ended and the crisis has not yet been resolved so I expect additional books to be added to the series.




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