Tranquility by Grace Jelsnik

Tranquility by Grace Jelsnik


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Tranquility looks at two characters, the protagonist and her love interest, who have been scarred by acts of birth and unkindness.  While struggling to find the murderer of her grandmother, Caitlyn, born to an unhappy heritage, strikes sparks off Trevor, born to an unnatural father. Throughout the novel, both characters seek tranquility, finally realizing that it’s not a place or even a state of mind; it’s a shared communication, a satisfaction of need.

Grace Jelsnik, a native of North Dakota, enjoys writing clean romances with well-developed characters, both good and bad.  She also likes happy endings! Facebook


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I got this one as a freebie on AMZN and this book is one of the exceptions that makes the rule about free book offers.

This was a really good book. It has a nice romance (no explicit sex scenes), a very well developed mystery and some paranormal aspects with the psychic h.

Sometimes that mix is a recipe for disaster, but I was enthralled. I liked how the story developed, the H is a town sheriff who is helping the h investigate her grandmother’s death and I really liked how the H and h grew from antagonists to a couple.

The psychic aspect was well thought out too and I was also very happy to see the bad guys get their just deserts and the good guys have a big win in the end. The character relationships felt genuine and this was very much a nice-to-sit-down-with-and-relax story.

If you like Sharon Sala’s, Linda Howard’s or Catherine Anderson’s romantic paranormal suspense you will like this one too – it is a nicely balanced mix of mystery, banter, love with a touch of the paranormal, all it was a great read to spend some time on.

Tranquility by Grace Jelsnik



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