The Track by Stan Grimes


The Track by Stan Grimes

The Track by Stan Grimes

The Track By Stan Grimes

Garth Domino came from the wrong side of the tracks in the town of Lordes Crossing. He grew up with the stigma of being a poor white trash boy who deserved only what others like him got, but he possessed a talent not many could claim. He played  guitar with a skill like no other and could write music prolifically. “The Track” takes you on a wild ride into places few have gone.  A mixture of legend, folklore, and reality “The Track” will not stop until the end of the line.


Garth meets a fellow musician named Tina Temple, falls in love, gets married, and is haunted by ghoulish doer of mischief named Richard Perkins. The ride on the track will spin the wheels inside the readers’ head and lead them to the place where bad boys go to sleep.

About the Author:

Stan Grimes lives in Indiana with his wife and dog and enjoys the company of his grandchildren, and soon to be great grandchildren.  A graduate of Indiana University. Stan has found solace in poetry, his favorite form of expression but a desire to reach outside of the genre has led him to attempt other forms of expression.  He is exploring possibilities in drama, mystery, theater, paranormal, and avant garde…to name a few.

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