Tortured Minds by Colin Griffiths, Rachel McGrath, Grant Leishman

Tortured Minds

Tortured Minds

Tortured Minds

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Tortured Minds is a unique supernatural, psychological thriller, penned by two very different and compelling authors. The three main characters are voiced by each of the three contributing authors, which provides a unique style and atmosphere to this compelling story.

Daniel, Jake and Molly were inseparable. Daniel and Molly were married, with Jake being their best friend. Disaster strikes the trio when their penchant for adrenaline-pumping adventure sports leads to the death of one of the compadres.

What follows is a supernatural litany of; love, hate, secrets, deception, jealousy, and lies.


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I enjoyed this book! This book is engrossing and with it’s many plot twists and turns it is always entertaining and stories were detailed and well told. This is the sort of book I would read again.Very well written. Wonderful book and a good read.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book is very well written. So it seems to be well edited. Good job to the author for being able to write this book. It’s an enjoyable read. Thrillers can often follow a predictable formula and this one had some great surprises i didn’t see coming. The author has a great imagination and i look forward to seeing what else they can produce.


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Daniel, Molly and Jake. Three devoted and inseparable friends. Addicted to extreme sports and the adrenalin rush, nothing can keep them apart, until one of them dies in an accident. But was it an accident, or did one or both of the other two conspire to murder, in the guise of an accident?

The introduction to this book explains how the three authors each took one of the three main characters as their own and took turn and turn about writing chapters from their own character’s perspective. Each could lead the story in any direction they chose, with the others then having to adapt.

For this reason, ‘Tortured Minds’ doesn’t read like a novel you’d get from the hand of a single writer. It twists and turns, with curve balls thrown into the plot. But this makes it a fascinating read in its own right. You wouldn’t want EVERY book to be written this way, but its unique structure keeps you guessing. It helps that all three authors are masters of their craft. It’s genuinely enthralling and great fun to read!

For the climax of the book, they each wrote their own final version of the final chapter, then chose the one that they felt worked best. However, the other two, alternate endings are also included as appendices, and it’s great to see how very different they all are, though each is a thoroughly satisfactory conclusion to the story in its own way.

A very interesting experiment, which has gifted us with a twisted, continually challenging but always fascinating and entertaining read.


Format: Kindle Edition

I feel like my mind has been completely and wonderfully tortured by this new psychological and paranormal thriller. This is like no other book you will read. It is well crafted, and will take you into the heads of three very different characters – each who you want to love and hate!

Put it this way, I started it in the morning, thinking I’ll spend an hour reading. I couldn’t put the book down, and even when I did I had to get back to the story to see what mind games the characters would play next! Each chapter takes you on a spin, as you enter the minds of the three different characters in turn. It’s a true psychological suspense thriller – as you have no idea where it’s heading, and you can’t even guess! I finished this at 2am in the morning, as I just couldn’t stop reading it.

Jake, Daniel and Molly are great characters – each good and bad in their own ways… but linked to each other more than they realise (or want to be). When the game is over, I didn’t want it to end.

What I really loved was the alternative endings – and I have to be honest – I’m not sure how they chose, I actually liked all three!

HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ if you want something completely different!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This book is a true psychological mind thriller. The authors have done a great job of building the characters, and I felt like I was a part of the mind games they were playing with each other, as each chapter offers a different twist and turn.
I really didn’t know where this was going and that was what was so enjoyable about reading this book, it had me completely hooked, waiting to see where it would go next.

Was it just a tragic accident? Or was it much, much more?

Death is not the end and some relationships were simply meant to last forever.

Revenge is bittersweet, as Tortured Minds takes you on an intense page-turning journey through a supernatural ride of passion, treachery, and surprises.

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