Theia’s Moons Eyes Wide Shut by Niki Livingston

Theia's Moons Eyes Wide Shut

Theia’s Moons Eyes Wide Shut

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The wars ended years earlier. The people of Esaki pulled themselves together and learned to enjoy life again, despite their dwindled population.

Malkia became leader of her town, not by choice but by the calling of God. She lived in a state of peace and turned to her source whenever she felt a need of strength. However, danger was coming their way and it was time to face the reality of their situation.

Malkia and her people travel through their broken world to escape the savages coming their way and learn more about their world, their lives and their true circumstances throughout their journey.

Life is not what it seems and as their eyes begin to open to the truth, the world as they know it crumbles beneath their feet.

About the Author

Niki LivingstonNiki has loved writing since she was a little one and has finally taken the steps to put her stories out into the world.

She lives in Utah with her partner, their four children and two over sized cats.

She enjoys a whole variety of things, including reading stories that keep her on the edge of my seat, having late night talks with her handsome fireman, creating dysfunctional and funny children, all the while making sure they become functional adults (some call it a talent), having happy/crappy time at the dinner table, playing in the dirt in hopes to create a bountiful garden and sitting quietly on her back porch, sipping coffee and watching the sun wake up the world.
Author of Enyo’s Warrior (Theia’s Moons Book 2)

Enyo's Warrior (Theia's Moons Book 2)

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Theia’s Moons: Eyes Wide Shut by Niki Livingston starts with the protagonist, Malkia in a dream state. It’s a repeating dream in which a woman is talking to her and asking her to “forgive us” and “I wish I could let you remember us. It is not safe.” Malkia is a child in the dream aware there is danger but unsure what the danger is. The dream moves to a man hugging the child Malkia and woman and our protagonist wakes with a start. She looks out the window to a beautiful landscape and thinks of Theia, the mother planet that makes her feel safe while on her planet Esaki. The days of awful chaos are behind her and someday she will be reunited with the people she loves.
A flashback to 9 years earlier, to the war that wiped out her entire family, all but her sister Mataya and we learn she lost her baby girl, love-of-her-life husband, and parents. The war wiped out her entire city, all but 200 who banned together to rebuild their community. We are invested in Malkia and care about what is will happen to her. The evildoers are several days from her city and she, the leader, has chosen to gather the people and flee. It is a sorrowful departure from the only home she’s known.
The journey to the safe pastures begins and we meet a cast of characters that help propel the story forward. There is a powerful and interesting theme and message about the calm life that was had before the sky people came and brought technology: cars, phones, TV, airplanes, and war. Prior to this people, animals, and nature lived in harmony. It’s a powerful message that bodes poorly of our obsession on earth with stuff/objects and the moving away from community and responsibility for other living forms and nature.
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The novel starts with a recurring dream…someone saying like ‘I wish we (could) let you remember us.’ The theme of remembering is presented to us. Malkia lives on the planet Esaki and there’s a large planet in the sky…the mother planet, Theia. and its moons. The planet Esaki is beautiful once again and the chaotic time of war is seemingly over. With flashbacks and haunting often lovely prose, we are in the world of Malkia and in the hands of Niki Livingston, a very gifted author. A flashback reveals that she lost her parents, her baby girl and her husband in a bombing when her city was destroyed. The ones who survived form a tight-knit community. They rebuild and go back to seemingly traditional ways, living with nature. A new threat looms as a brutal warrior group is coming their way. The journey to safety begins. The theme off technology having been brought to them by the ‘sky people’ and that technology was responsible for their problems, as opposed to living alongside the reality of nature has been presented before, but never in a more skillful way dramatic way. In the end I wanted more from this exciting author. There are more books in this series…an elaboration of the theme, perhaps? I’ve got to read the sequels! Great character and plot developement with dragons, winged horses, and the paranormal included, altogether, an exciting well-plotted fantasy. (Review by Howard Lipman, pen name PanOrpheus, author of the ‘Delphic Oracle’ ‘Tesla’s Tower’ and ‘Mage and Source’ sci-fi fantasy books.)


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This is an epic fantasy novel, with characters having various interesting mystical powers. The story takes place at Theia’s Moon Esaki and it is about Malkia, who is the leader of the group running away from another group of savages. Malkia lost her parents, husband and child in a war that destroyed everything. Eight years has gone by and they are still in the process of rebuilding the community.
This is a very intense and imaginative work of fiction. The main character Malkia, is bold and caring, and I felt being part of the group she was leading. But as we progress in the story, we learn that there is something not right with her and the dreams that she frequently have. The story is written in a simple prose and that makes it easy to remember the characters and their unique powers.
The book has a surprise in the end as Malkia finally learn the truth about herself, and it makes up a satisfying read; also it nicely opens the way for a sequel. If you like mythical creatures like Dragons, Pegasus and enjoy reading about witches and warlocks, this is the book you want to pick.I’ll surely look for the sequel to follow Malkia’s adventure.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Really good first installment in a series, I’m looking forward to reading more books as they come out.

There is a lot of magic and intrigue in this novel, as well as some very strong romantic undertones that make the story interesting and kept me coming back for more. I highly recommend this for anyone interested in the fantasy genre who likes stories with a powerful female protagonist and story about overcoming great obstacles to make the world better.

Once I started reading this novel i simply couldn’t stop until I was finished and made it through very quickly. There are a few parts that are slower than others, but they usually serve to build the world and showcase the characters and help make the story feel more complete.

For fans of the genre, this is an excellent addition.




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