The Zarion-Saving Mankind by J.E. Grace

The Zarion-Saving Mankind

The Zarion-Saving Mankind

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Davis Summerfield is pushed into early retirement, but he is actually enjoying his freedom. Interplay, a government agency, has other ideas.  Davis suspects that they are involved in more than scientific research and space exploration. What secrets lurk inside Interplay’s locked gates?

Davis is told that his destiny links to a race called, The Zarion, the watchers and protectors.  A rogue alien race, The Fallen, is determined to annihilate Earth?  Can Davis fulfill his destiny?  Will the woman he loves believe him?

Along with an underground rebel group, Davis faces the biggest challenge of his life. Can he save them? Will Earth Survive?

About the Author

J.E. GraceJ.E. Grace had a passion for writing at an early age.  She loved fantasy and science fiction and followed it into adulthood.  She continues to study the writing craft and writes daily.  She is currently working on another sci-fi novel, a mystery/romance novel, and a fantasy novel with a Christian theme.
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Format: Kindle Edition

The author has one captivated from the start. Her description of interplanetary travel in decades ahead of our present time, with all its preparation and training, pluses and minuses, are really quite credible. I found myself moving automatically to the next chapter and the next and so on till I finished the book.

In fact, I was listening to an interview recently on an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) programme, where a chap from England had signed up for a One Way Passage to Mars to start a new colony there with some other intrepid folks from our planet Earth. He described the planning, the preparations, the food supplies, communications, power, water, and even totally enclosed gardens. What Julie has described in her book became quite credible and perhaps quite possible scenarios for times not so far ahead of us.

The “goodies” and the “badies” and all the “sheeple” in between, all have a part to play in the intrigue and complexity of the conspiracy to take control of Planet Earth. Lucius the Leader of the Fallen, aka Lucifer or the devil who was cast out of Heaven, is portrayed as a very powerful and crafty being. The Zarion are the good forces from the Almighty, who eventually save all who decide to trust Him.

It is a very graphic portrayal of the author’s idea of how mankind will eventually be saved from the evil forces that are basically in control of Planet earth at the present time. It is not how I understand it will happen as I read the Word of God, but we indeed do have a Saviour Who cares for everyone of us and is not willing that any should perish. His gracious invitation is open to all when He invites “whosoever will” to take of the “water of life” freely, and enjoy eternity with the Saviour in an Earth made new. It’s all outlined in the best Book of all–the Holy Scriptures.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Wonderful book, it draws you in. Just make sure you have plenty of free time to read as once you start you wont want to pit it down. Great plot and enjoyable characters. Leaves you wanting to know more about the characyrs. And what will happen next. Can’t wait for the sequel!


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Had me hooked from the beginning, but I got a little lost towards the end.
Hoping for a sequel.
I would recommend this book.



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