The Working Chicken by Anna Hess


The Working Chicken by Anna Hess

The Working Chicken

The Working Chicken

A short, sweet, and self-sufficient guide to keeping chickens as part of a rural or urban homestead.

Learn everything you need to know to get started on your poultry adventure with these quick answers to your frequently asked questions. The Working Chicken begins by helping you choose the perfect flock for your family, then explains how to feed and house your new pets. Finally, the book’s permaculture twist ensures that your chickens will not only be happy and healthy, they’ll also keep your family healthy too.

Now with a bonus picture book to inspire the next-generation of chicken lovers!


Anna Hess dreamed about moving back to the land ever since her parents dragged her off their family farm at the age of eight. She worked as a field biologist and nonprofit organizer before acquiring fifty-eight acres and a husband, then quit her job to homestead full time. She admits that real farm life involves a lot more hard work than her childhood memories entailed, but the reality is much more fulfilling and she loves pigging out on sun-warmed strawberries and experimenting with no-till gardening, mushroom propagation, and chicken pasturing.

She also enjoys writing about the adventures, both on her blog at, and in her books.Her first paperback, The Weekend Homesteader, helped thousands of homesteaders-to-be find ways to fit their dreams into the hours leftover from a full-time job.The Naturally Bug-Free garden, which suggests permaculture techniques of controlling pest invertebrates in the vegetable garden, is due out in spring 2015 from Skyhorse Publishing. In addition, a heaping handful of ebooks serve a similar purpose.


4.0 out of 5 stars The Working Chicken November 1, 2011
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I think this book is well worth the going price of $0.99.

This book is not a comprehensive guide, but I would recommend this book to somebody unsure about getting chickens, or somebody that needs to win an argument about getting hens.

This is a quick little book packed with lots of good realistic advice. The advice is working on the assumption that the reader is interested in chickens to be self-sufficient and sustainable, not to raise life-long pets with the bonus of eggs for the first couple years.


4.0 out of 5 stars Nice buy November 30, 2011
By Joan
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This very short and succinct booklet will give the reader a good chance to get their feet wet with the idea of raising chickens. The book certainly makes it seem quite doable, and though very short (the size of a short magazine article) it does not waste time with anything that isn’t relevant and useful. A good way to spend a dollar for anyone who has ever thought they might enjoy this activity.

Be aware that the low price is possible because the book advertises in several places. That’s not a problem, but it does explain the 1$ price tag.

Use the book to think about the possibilities with the simplest information available, then buy a longer resource if you really want to take the plunge with chickens.


5.0 out of 5 stars Great! November 6, 2011
By J.A
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is a great quick read to get you started with chickens…. If you are starting out with chickens get this book! It’s worth more than 99c!!
I love how it outlines stap by step how to start up and even the best breeds.


4.0 out of 5 stars LOL…. DON’T NAME YOUR CHICKENS!!! March 19, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
About 30 years ago I did raise chickens, and since I’m now considering buying a few pullet chicks mainly for egg production, I am brushing up on my chicken smarts. This is a great little kindle book with basics for keeping chickens for eggs and/or meat. The author is right – you don’t ever want to name something you may need to eat later. That’s not cruel, it’s just common sense. I still remember how sad it was when we had a dairy cow break her back in the barn and we had to butcher her. We ended up with about 800 lbs of ground “Pam” to eat our way through! Not fun. Don’t name critters you might have to eat.


By pamela
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Short, but gets to the point! A great first-read for anyone considering raising chickens. Lots of useful factual information for the experienced chicken keeper as well as for the beginner.
I wish it had more pictures.


5.0 out of 5 stars The working chicken September 1, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great overview of chicken care. Does not sugar coat the daily operations of a small chicken farm, a must read.


4.0 out of 5 stars The working Chicken January 27, 2013
By lidsman
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Having had chickens I found this little book a great informational guide to how to keep your chickens alive and well through the winter and summer months .

There is no better way than to get this book before you buy your chickens,you will get the chicken for your needs! Saving allot of time and money before the grand experiment is the best way to go,The working chicken is just that” keeping the chickens working for you!”You will keep it around for it’s many references..

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