The Wishing Coin by Antara Man


Wishing Coin by Antara Man

Wishing Coin

The Wishing Coin

TV reporter Julia Preston is frustrated in life and love…
…until a street vendor sells her a magical coin that fulfills all her darkest wishes.
Denied a promised promotion, TV reporter Julia Preston learns that it went instead to ambitious newcomer Bailey. Even worse, she discovers that Bailey is dating her ex. Walking home, seething with anger, Julia encounters a street vendor selling wishing coins. Skeptical, she’s not interested until he offers an old tarnished coin with some geometrical figures that intrigue her. It soon becomes clear that she has come into possession of a miraculous weapon to use against those who have wronged her. With the coin’s help, Julia is given the dream job, gets rid of the despicable Bailey and makes up with her ex. But when her partner’s mother enters Julia’s life, she faces the biggest challenge she has ever met before.
Can Julia really get everything she wishes for and live her candy life even when a dark secret behind her TV success is revealed?

About the author

Antara Man started writing at the age of seven and has been doing it to this very day. Apart from reading and writing, you can also find her practicing yoga, as she has developed a keen interest in self-improvement, spirituality and becoming a better human being. Apart from fantasy and science fiction, she also enjoy writing criminal and suspense stories and believes in unity in diversity. In her opinion, the best books and stories are a crossover between genres.


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5.0 out of 5 stars One for your Kindle January 6, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Julia Preston, a TV reporter, seems to be down on her luck with just about everything. She fails to get a promotion at work and to top it off, she loses it to a newcomer who just happens to be dating her ex.
Unhappy with her career and her now non existent love life, she sees a street vendor selling wishing coins….
Her life takes an unexpected turn soon after she makes wishes, would they be to her advantage, or is Julia cursed?This is a short story that packs a pleasing punch as the main character sets the back drop for a twisted tale that spins a dangerous web. This isn’t the usual run-of-the-mill classic turned modern innuendo, and the author does a wonderful job of mixing self-discipline with deeper underlying issues that only Julia can unravel – or can she?
5.0 out of 5 stars A fairy tale come to life January 3, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
If you’ve ever read a fairy tale about someone being given three (or more) wishes, you know the heart of this story. But Antara Man did a fantastic job taking the fairy tale and turning it into a character-driven journey of self discovery. Although short, The Wishing Coin is so tightly written that you don’t feel like you’re only getting part of a story, and chances are you’ll be itching for more at the end. I’m looking forward to more from this author!


4.0 out of 5 stars Be Careful What You Wish For January 23, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
Be Careful What You Wish For. What would you do if all your wishes came true? Julie Preston learns what she would do in The Wishing Coin.
Antara Man presents a new twist on a familiar (though not blatantly obvious) tale. Through careful character development and excellent plot and story construction, Antara Man knits together a compelling story of self-discovery and brings the reader right with Julie from start to finish. This book is a good afternoon or weekend read.
I noticed minor editing errors but to be fair I have read books from mainstream publishing houses with as many errors. The errors I noticed did not detract from the essence of the story.
This Short and Sweet tale was quite enjoyable and fun. I look forward to more from this author and Happy Reading Everyone!
Traci Marlatt — The Kindle Book Review
KBR reviewers receive free book copies in exchange for fair and honest reviews.


Format:Kindle Edition
“I looked at the space in front of me and the words of the vendor echoed in my mind: “You are the magic coin.”” It’s an entertaining and page-turning novella which makes us remember two essential things about life: 1) there’s a clear difference between what we WANT and what we NEED and 2) we have the power to fulfill all our wishes ourselves or, as the coin seller in the story suggests, we can do miracles on our own if we just start “taking things humbly and peacefully and enjoying everything [our] fate offers [us]”. It’s something we should be constantly reminded of, though, and it’s great there are pieces like “The Wishing Coin” to serve as that reminder.


4.0 out of 5 stars Most definitely recommended. January 25, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition
I have to admit, not the kind of thing I would normally have read, but I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not quite sure what genre to put this book it; it certainly has fantastical elements, but the writing is extremely down-to-earth. I suppose the moral of the story is: be extremely careful what you wish for, else you might just get it. I felt like the entire book was a testament to that warning, really, and it certainly stuck with me. Without spoiling it, the ending and resolution was nicely executed; and since by then we care a great deal about the protagonist, it stuck with me. Most definitely recommended.


3.0 out of 5 stars A modern fairy tale January 25, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition

A nice little modern fairy tale, based on the interesting idea of being able to get anything you wanted just by wishing for it. TV presenter Julia Preston’s dissatisfaction with her life and career seems to be at an end when she buys a wishing coin from a mysterious street vendor, which can grant her every wish. But, as Julia soon finds, being able to get your own way all the time is not necessarily for the best…An entertaining novella, which can be read in an afternoon or evening, this is worth the 99c price tag.

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