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A Year in Twelve Tales

‘A gem of inter-woven tales’ – is one Amazon review of ‘The Village’ which chronicles contemporary English village life. Babies are born, matches made, plots are hatched and marriages founder and death, both anticipated and unlooked for, pays a call.  Five stars on Amazon. Five stars on Goodreads. Try a slice of village life today.
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J.J. AndersonJ.J.Anderson was born in a rural English village, although she has lived in London for most of her life. She blogs as juliej at, her publishing web-site about writing, publishing art and music, what’s on in London and life in southern Spain, where she has a home.
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By ReadingOtherPeople on August 16, 2015

Format: Paperback

More Harper Valley than Peyton Place, JJ Anderson’s depiction of life in a small English village is both lovely and resplendent in her The Village: A Year in Twelve Tales. The novelty here is that the novel itself is composed of twelve stories, each interlinked in some way, culminating in one overarching rich narrative .

The village itself is characteristically full of unique and stock inhabitants. It is the history of the Marshall clan that defines the context of this book, but it is with the introduction of secondary characters and their sometimes hazardous predicaments that really excel the plot of the novel. The relationships and situations in ‘The Village’ are not, and cannot be, unrepresented at this stage of modern literature. However, it is the differing perspectives on said circumstances that allows Anderson to demonstrate her clear ability to document a fictional town’s coming of age as though it were a true story in origin.

I don’t feel it is worthy to give a play-by-play of the plot of each of the tales because the cumulative whole of the work is much more than that. The twelve tales act as character studies of humanity, regardless of the fact that the story itself is set in a sort of timeless era. Amassed, this insightful work is rich in its propensity for the hope for the success of a family dynamic that unfortunately has to undergo some of life’s less desirable events to strengthen their inherent bond.

A pleasant read.

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Format: Paperback

I enjoyed this collection immensely. It is well written, easy to read and I was completely drawn into the fictional world of the village. Descriptions of the place are evocative and powerful, the chilly, wind-blown airfield, the forbidden depths of the wood or the sunny canal towpath are all made real for the reader. So are the relationships.

The interwoven, layered nature of village life is captured perfectly. At the beginning the stories stand alone, told from different points of view, but characters begin to reappear almost immediately and a number of on-going plot-lines emerge, as characters’ lives unfold. Some of the stories are amusing, the rivalries, plots and gossip, especially among the pensioners, made me laugh . Others are more intriguing – I couldn’t tell how stories would end. Some are sad and insightful. I was thoroughly involved and will probably read them all again soon.


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I loved “The Village”. I became really connected with the characters. Their adventures intrigued me and I could’t wait to see what would happen to them next, how their story would evolve, and how they would resolve the difficulties and problems that arose as the stories developed. The characters are “real” – they’re the sort of people that you’d meet in any small community, and like so many “ordinary” people their lives are filled with the everyday drama that we’ve all lived through and can identify with. The book is easy to read, at times dramatic, intriguing and humorous. It’s a good read. (In the interests of full disclosure, I must state that I approached J. J. Anderson about narrating “The Village” as an audiobook, and that we are now collaborating on the audiobook production).
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