The Seasons of Our Love by Angela Gascoigne

The Season of love

The Season of love $2.99

The Seasons of Our Love

A love story based in a seaside location in England. There’s secrets and lies, humour and and some spooky moments and we’re touched by the pain of bereavement and mental illness.


I was Born in Newcastle in 1965, and remained there until 2004 when I re-located to West Cork in Ireland with my husband and three sons, who are now all grown up. I have two little dogs who I adore. I have recently finished a full-time Business Administration course as a mature student and I’m currently enjoying my writing again while I wait for all those job offers to come flooding in!

I write mainly women’s fiction but you’ll find no superstars of billionaires in my stories. I like to create loveable real-life characters that my readers will connect with as much as I do.

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The Seasons of Our Love is my eighth book and I am currently working on a follow up book to this one called, Branded.


When Rosie bursts through the door of The Lobster Pot, soaked to the skin and with no one for company except a marmalade Tom cat, she hopes to leave her troubles behind. But could her troubles have other plans?

Next door at The Brambles, Maggie offers Rosie not only a room in the B&B but also a job! She can’t believe her luck until she realises the old lady has some rather creepy habits.

Danny has a big problem with cats, much to Rosie’s disappointment. Maybe she’s the one who can break the spell – or will his ghosts keep coming back to haunt him?

When a charity slave auction is organised in The Lobster Pot, Septic Sadie sees the perfect opportunity to win the star prize, the real man of her dreams. She isn’t prepared to go down without a fight.

It seems Maggie’s old beach hut is the only place to escape all the madness and make room for some romance but there’s an intruder on the horizon… and a storm brewing.

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