The Perennial Migration by D M Kirtaime


The Perennial Migration by D M Kirtaime

The Perennial Migration

The Perennial Migration

The human race split by the year 3010. Afterwards a newer breed lived within a global dome network. But a virus, spread throughout the network, wrecked the World Adminstration establishment. The planet was dying and another Earthly race stood to benefit – The reptilians! This apocalypse would leave mankind without technology.

For beast, man and plant to survive, they needed to work together. Could they leave their planet? And what consequences would the dilemma of Earth have on the rest of the Galaxy?

About the author:

Kirtaime was raised in the countryside, on the edge of Bristol, England. Upon completion of his Army career, Kirtaime remained in Germany. From an early age he desired to one day become a Fantasy-Fiction author, and in 2013 his debut novel ‘The Perennial Migration’ was published as Kindle ebook.

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Extract from The Perennial Migration

“Once the doorway was free of those escaping, Thorn looked at Jessica and said “You know that you have time to go back if you wish?”
She looked back at Thorn and said with a small grin “Well I’ve still got nothing planned.”
With the weapons pointing to the front, Jessica and Thorn moved through the doorway into the dome. Apart from the immediate proximity which Thorn’s torch light covered, everywhere else was in complete darkness. The dome floor was soft and Thorn realised that although he had expected concrete flooring as in the tunnel, it was of sandy dry earth. Within minutes, they both sensed movement to the side, somewhere in the shadows. The stink now gagged them through the surgical face masks.
Although not being military trained, Thorn’s reflex was fast, now that adrenalin flowed. And having sensed the movement, he turned his head to shine the torch light in that direction. Jessica looked looked in the same direction. Thorn then found the source of that horrible rotting stench. His front view was full of the scaled chest of a creature he never guessed existed. He gave the beast a quick look-over from the clawed feet up to the head, not believing what now confronted him.
This green beast’s body was bulging with over-dimensional muscle, and Thorn reckoned that the thing must have been at least three metres high. At this point another vial stench of body odour mixed with the general smell of rotting substances surrounded where they stood. On top of the skull, the scales formed a horn point in the centre. Thorn’s sub-conscious tried to convince him that the creature was a crocodile, but the more he looked at the face; the more he was unable place this thing into any animal category.
Most confusing was the yellow slit eyes positioned in the face front akin to a human, and although it just had nostrils, had scaled lips. Judging from the mixed attire of rag clothing and armour and holding up a club as weapon; Thorn guessed that they came from a pre-history era. He reminded himself that the newer breed’s history just went back to the war and establishment of the World Administration. Next to this beast appeared another one, and behind that one even more movement. The blood-ridden trickling drool from the reptilians’ scaled mouths took him to the verge of vomiting.
Thorn assumed that the creatures had no grasp of the English language and shouted to Jessica “We’re surrounded by these crocs or whatever they are. If they move closer give them a dose of pepper spray.”
Jessica gulped, as she returned from the shock of being confronted by beings not of this world, and shouted back “Um, Okay.”
To the pair’s surprise a reptilian, the one Thorn had spotted first; spoke up and said in a deep rough voice as it licked the blood from jagged pointed teeth “Do you humanss think that you can stop uss?”
Thorn did not answer and instead released a direct dose of pepper spray at the talking reptilian’s face. At least expecting a small level of protection from the weapon, the disappointment could be seen in the humans’ facial expressions; as the reptilian did not notice the liquid landing on the hard scaled face. Now panicking, Thorn called to Jessica “Follow me, as quick as you can!” and ran off to the left along the base of the dome. “





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