The Music of Us by Uvi Poznansky

The Music of Us by Uvi Poznansky

The Music of Us

The Music of Us

Heartbroken over the strange forgetfulness of his wife, Lenny can no longer deny that she is undergoing a change. In search of understanding what she is going through, he goes as far back as the moment he met Natasha, back at the beginning of WWII, when he was a soldier and she—a star. This is their love story, inspired by the music of the time.

Uvi Poznansky is a California-based author, poet and artist. Her writing and her art are tightly coupled. “I paint with my pen,” she says, “and write with my paintbrush.”

She earned her B. A. in Architecture and Town Planning from the Technion in Haifa, Israel. During her studies and in the years immediately following her graduation, she practiced with an innovative Architectural firm, taking part in the design of a large-scale project, Home for the Soldier.

At the age of 25 Uvi moved to Troy, N.Y. with her husband and two children. Before long, she received a Fellowship grant and a Teaching Assistantship from the Architecture department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she guided teams in a variety of design projects; and where she earned her M.A. in Architecture. Then, taking a sharp turn in her education, she earned her M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

During the years she spent in advancing her career—first as an architect, and later as a software engineer, software team leader, software manager and a software consultant (with an emphasis on user interface for medical instruments devices)—she wrote and painted constantly. In addition, she taught art appreciation classes.

Her versatile body of work can be seen on her website, which includes poem, short stories, bronze and ceramic sculptures, paper engineering projects, oil and watercolor paintings, charcoal, pen and pencil drawings, and mixed media. In addition, she posts her thoughts about the creative process on her blog, and engages readers and writers in conversation on her Goodreads Q&A group.

Uvi published a poetry book in collaboration with her father, Zeev Kachel. Later she published two children books, Jess and Wiggle and Now I Am Paper, which she illustrated, and for which she created animations. You can find these animations on her author page on Amazon, and her author page on Goodreads.

Apart From Love (published 2012) is an intimate peek into the life of a strange family: Natasha, the accomplished pianist, has been stricken with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Her ex-husband Lenny has never told their son Ben, who left home ten years ago, about her situation. At the same time he, Lenny, has been carrying on a love affair with a young redhead, who bears a striking physical resemblance to his wife—but unlike her, is uneducated, direct and unrefined. This is how things stand at this moment, the moment of Ben’s return to his childhood home, and to a contentious relationship with his father.

Home (published 2012), her deeply moving poetry book in tribute of her father, includes her poetry and prose, as well as translated poems from the pen of her father, the poet and author Zeev Kachel.

A Favorite Son (published 2012), her novella, is a new-age twist on an old yarn. It is inspired by the biblical story of Jacob and his mother Rebecca, plotting together against the elderly father Isaac, who is lying on his deathbed. This is no old fairy tale. Its power is here and now, in each one of us.

Twisted (published 2012) is a unique collection of tales. In it, the author brings together diverse tales, laden with shades of mystery. Here, you will come into a dark, strange world, a hyper-reality where nearly everything is firmly rooted in the familiar—except for some quirky detail that twists the yarn, and takes it for a spin in an unexpected direction.

Rise to Power is the story of David as you have never heard it before: from the king himself, telling the unofficial version, the one he never allowed his court scribes to recount. In his mind, history is written to praise the victorious—but at the last stretch of his illustrious life, he feels an irresistible urge to tell the truth.

These books are available in all three editions (audiobook, print and ebook.)


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A powerful and poignant novel that will grip at your heart strings … a love story that invites the reader into a romance between Lenny and Natasha. Starting in 1970 for a brief period it goes back to the days when these two met in the 1940’s. Lenny had joined the US Marines and Natasha was a 16 year old concert pianist. Natasha’s family name of Horowitz evokes memories of a long line of musicians.

Powerful for me in that the subject of Alzheimer’s Disease is handled with great aplomb. Is this disease passed genetically or not? ‘Memory is a liar’ as Natasha so aptly said. Reading this on Veteran’s Day was poignant especially when the casket of Charlie was brought home and ‘Amazing Grace’ was played.

Lots in this from WW II including some of the songs that were hits and also the topic of rationing items was covered. For some this will be a trip down memory lane. Life, love and the courage to comfort one another and to bridge the differences through the years is incredible.

Most highly recommended…

By Richard L. Weatherly on November 28, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

When I learned of Book Three of the family saga, Still Life with Memories by Uvi Poznansky I couldn’t wait to delve into, The Music of Us.

The author always delivers rich, multidimensional characters. Book 3 gives readers a fascinating prequel to a time when Lenny and Natasha first met, he a young Marine and she a virtuoso pianist.

Lenny met Natasha while she performed on base and fell head over heels for her.

The author takes us into the lives of these principal characters Lenny and Natasha. It drew me into the lives of both. Most of the story took place during WWII, a time my parents met and began their life together. The author did an excellent job researching events and history of the period.

Early in the story one of Lenny’s friends receives orders to Hawaii. Not long after that the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor. The narrative weaves a tight interchange of scenes. I found myself wanting them to come together. Each has likable traits with obstacles to overcome. Uvi Poznansky writes with poetic artistry.

That generation has been called the Greatest Generation for the sacrifices they made and their amazing accomplishments in later years. If you enjoy historical fiction with a touch of romance. If you enjoy believable, complex characters, this is a book for you.

The Music of Us (Still Life with Memories Book 3).

By Dennis Waller TOP 500 REVIEWER on November 17, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This is a very personal and profound story. A touching tale of Lenny and Natasha where Natasha is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and Lenny must come to terms with their fate. However, with the twist of fate played, this is still a love story and one of reflection but in the end, one of redemption. A moving book that draws you into the story to the point where you can feel the pain and joy. Masterfully written, this is one of those reads that will stick with you by evoking emotion and causing an introspective contemplation of ones own life. I don’t follow many authors but Uvi Poznansky I do, and with good reason, she has a gift for writing that mesmerizes me with deep though through intertwining of the lives of her characters. The Music of Us is deep, complex, yet not too esoteric, it’s just great writing.



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