The Masters Men Collection by Sandra Kerns

Sandra Kerns box set (novels)

Sandra Kerns box set

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Get to know some Master hunks!

The first 3 Masters Menwant to meet you so, they’re making you a sweet deal.

3 books & bonus novella for less than the cost of 1 book!

 Nothing makes a man want a woman more than her saying she doesn’t want forever.

 The Masters brothers never back down. Drug lords, the mob, orguilty defendants, they can handle, but women? That’s different.The Masters Men are always willing to protect and serve. It’s their life. Just don’t ask them to get emotionally involved. Emotions make you weak. Caring dulls your edge. And tears? Let’s just not go there. Unfortunately, they’re about to meet women as resolute as they are to keeping their distance.


Her Master Defender – Meet Major Dos Masters as he faces a fate worse than death; having to resign his commission. Before that combat boot falls, he meets his CO’s gorgeous but mule-headed daughter. He thought being captured by a crazy drug lord was hell. He’d never dealt with Copper Kerrigan. When his CO tells him he’s concerned about her safety, Dos can’t walk away. When did mule-headedness become so tempting?


Her Master DetectiveDetective Tres Masters made the marriage mistake as a rookie. He’d learned his lesson well. No more romance for him. When he meets Copper’s friend Izzy, he’s intrigued. She appears as anxious to avoid Copper’s matchmaking as he is. Later that day he learns she’s been in an accident, only it wasn’t an accident. He can’t walk away from someone in danger, but does she have to be so damned desirable?


Her Master of Hearts – Assistant District Attorney Ace Masters, oldest of the triplets, has had the hots for his brother’s partner Gina for years. Whenever he thinks things are getting too comfortable, he backs off. There’s only one problem, this time she’s the one backing off and playing it cool. Although he thinks she’s up to something, he’s determined to play along until he sees her with another man.


Last Chance for Love – A Masters Men Christmas Novella – After meeting Gina’s aunt in Her Master of Hearts, you know she’s had enough of men. However, the partner of the Masters brothers’ deceased father and their close friend finds himself unable to walk away from her. They’ve both lost loved ones and he never thought he’d love again. Seeing Camille again has his heart racing. Can he convince her it’s worth the risk again or will an old adversary kill his last chance

About the Author

About the author

Born in upstate New York, Sandra is officially the only Yankee in her family (and yes, a die-hard Yankees fan), as the rest were born in Kentucky. If you ever speak to her in person, don’t be surprised when a “y’all” pops out. Sandra has always loved words. By seventh grade she should have known she would be a writer, when much to the regret of her classmates, she chose idiosyncrasies as a spelling word. One of the high points of her life was the first time she beat her mother at Scrabble!

Sandra now lives in Northern Colorado where she writes her stories of love from a sweetheart-of-a-town. With the majestic Rocky Mountains, family, and friends to inspire her she never lacks for ideas.

When asked why she started writing she will tell you it is because if she doesn’t the characters running around in her head won’t let her sleep. No, she’s not crazy (though her two sons would debate that claim). The problem is, while she was busy during the day with her day job and family, the only time her characters had a chance to play and work through plot problems was when she got ready to sleep. To solve this dilemma, she would take some time before bed to let them play and get their issues on the page. Amazingly, it worked well for everyone involved. Now her characters get plenty of attention as people who know her are constantly asking how her writing is going or what a certain character is doing.

She belongs to Romance Writers of America and two of its chapters as well as Crested Butte Writers. She has won several writing awards. Her first contest win was for a short contemporary romance titled 24K Nanny. It was the first time she’d ever entered a contest. The thrill of having others enjoy her work that much insured that she continued to write. Though she can write some nasty villains, the romance is still, and always will be primary for Sandra.

Now she writes primarily Romantic Suspense with an occasional dabble in Futuristic/Fantasy Romance. Not one to rest on her laurels she keeps busy writing new stories. If she doesn’t, her sister sends her a loud email asking what she’s doing and why she hasn’t sent pages for review. Feel free to stop by her website at and say hi.

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