The Last Empire by Robert Hines

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One third of The Bible contains prophecies of future events. In the book of Daniel God tells us in detail about four future world empires. Three of these Empires are a historical fact and prove Gods prophetic words as being 100% accurate. We can therefore be assured that the fourth, yet to arise, kingdom will also be as God has predicted. If you want to know what the future holds in this time of turmoil we are living through then this book is a must.

Written by Robert Hines who has studied Biblical prophecy for more than 35 years.

About the author

Robert became a Christian in his late twenties and very early on heard a message for the first time that Jesus Christ had promised to return to earth.

Subsequent study over many years taught Robert that not only was Jesus going to return one day but that The Bible detailed events leading up to His return so that those alive at the time would be able to see the signs heralding His Imminent return.

Encouraged by Church leadership Robert taught on this subject of bible Prophecy over many years. He has also written many articles which have been read in over 16 countries.

This work on DanielĀ  took some years to write and started with the need to provide a clear understanding of these prophecies that the average layman could read and understand.

Regardless of whether the subject is called “end times“, “last days”, “eschatology“, or “Bible Prophecy” the outcome is the same. Future events are foretold in The Bible and are 100% accurate!


By Pam Smith on October 19, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

This is without doubt the clearest book on Bible prophecy I have ever read. Besides being thoroughly researched – the writer definitely knows his subject – it is written in an easy relaxed manner that makes it easy to follow and understand. As someone recently become interested in End Times prophecy, I found it extremely enlightening and things I didn’t quite understand before were made clear. I’m hoping he’ll do Isaiah next. Well done, a writer to follow.
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