The Lady is Blue by Aurora Springer

The Lady is Blue

The Lady is Blue

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Clever scientist exposes secret of scaly aliens.
When a shipload of aliens lands on the remote colony on Eden, Dr. Lucy Stannis befriends the impressive Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak, to learn about the aliens.
Sa Kamizan has led the Atrapako on a five-year voyage from their home planet, and he will do anything to secure their refuge. His schemes are disturbed by the beautiful Dr. Stannis, and she surprises him at every new challenge.
Their growing attraction for each other is threatened by their secrets, and conflicts between the lively humans and the aliens with their rigid culture. Sa Kamizan and Lucy must learn to fight together to save the colony.

About the Author

Aurora SpringerAurora Springer works as a scientist during the day and creates imaginary worlds at night. Born in the UK, she now lives in Atlanta, USA with a supportive husband, one dog and two cats. Besides reading and writing, she enjoys outdoor activities like watching wildlife, hiking and canoeing. Aurora is an indie author of several published novels, novellas and short stories. Her stories are character-driven adventures with romance set in vividly described worlds and sprinkled with humor. She has published books in three series: the Grand Master’s Trilogy, Atrapako on Eden, and the Secret Supers.

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Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I’m not familiar with this author and took a chance buying this book but I really enjoyed it! Basically, some aliens on a spaceship barely make it to land on Eden, a world colonized by humans. It was interesting to me to read about the human/alien relationships and eventual romance. It’s definitely one of the better science fiction romance books I’ve read lately so I recommend it!


Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

This was a good story by a new author; the twist on relationships between people from different planets was interesting, and the suspense was trying to figure out the ultimate goal of the aliens. I purchased part two, and would recommend the book to anyone who wants a light, entertaining read.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Good premise, and generally pretty good plot/characters. First contact stories are usually right up my alley when it comes to sci-fi, though I did think the heroine was rather rash, and the “reveal” was a bit implausible. At times, the style seemed too… hmm… almost telegraphic, like writing a report, and no, I don’t mean the brief secret *reports* posted at the beginning of a number of scenes.


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

This was an enjoyable read, but really more of a romance than a science fiction story, as the focus is on a relationship between a somewhat independent and headstrong female human scientist and a monstrous reptilian alien. The aliens are erstwhile colonists, looking for a new home and happen upon the planet Eden, which has already been colonized by people from Terra. Naturally, there are conflicts.

Their are two problems that I have with the book. The first is that the science of the climax just doesn’t work for me, as an avid sci-fi reader. I can’t go into it much without spoilers, so I’ll just say it doesn’t make sense to me. That fact doesn’t necessarily detract from the enjoyment of the story, as it’s fairly well written and edited. The second quirk is that the relationship between the two main characters is almost too quickly developed; even with many of the “bad” things that happen to them in the book, along with the strangeness of their relative cultures, there’s not a lot of emotional danger between Lucy and Sa Kamisan. I’m not sure if it’s just because I don’t read many romance novels, but that detracted from the story for me. I wanted a little more uncertainty, or to have the characters work a bit more for their relationship







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