The King who was Mad at his Son by Denise Sharon


The King who was Mad at his Son by Denise Sharon

The King who was Mad at his Son

The King who was Mad at his Son

This is a book about the king who was  mad at his son, he could not see him any more through the dark cloud of anger around him. The prince was so upset, and felt so small he seemed to have vanished into the carpet…
After the king stopped yelling he realized his son has disappeared, and started looking for him. With the help of a very clever Frog, he finally found him, after telling him how much he loved him. And as this is the way of love, it makes people grow, so the prince grew back again.
This book teaches both children and parents to be patient to others even when they are very angry.

About the author

HI. My name is Denise. I am a mother as well as a grandmother, I live in Jerusalem, Israel

I have been writing about Yarden, my eldest granddaughter, whom I adore.
I have been writing about Maya, my youngest daughter, the sunshine of my life.

I have been writing about the King who was so Mad at his son, he could not see him any more,
I have been writing about the Prince who had a thousand butterflies in his head…

My stories are about kings and queens, princes and princesses, since I really believe that every home is a Palace, every Dad is a King, every Mum is a Queen, every baby boy is a prince, and every baby girl is a princess…

My stories come from my life,
My stories come from your life,
They come from everybody’s life,
They are universal and eternal.
That is why I love them so much, and that is why I present them to you,with much love and appreciation.

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5.0 out of 5 stars When did you tell your child you love him? February 17, 2015
By suzanne
The King who was Mad at his Son is a very nice story, with a very good value for both children and their parents. It talks about anger, and the way to communicate with your child when you get angry. It is good for the child to know that his parents loves him no matter what, even when they get angry. I have enjoyed this book very much, and reading the story with my child opened a conversation about the meaning of anger and love.


By Dalit
Verified Purchase
This is a very nice story for the child to enjoy and for the parent to remember.The way the parent act impacts their child development.It is a story that,as the child grow,he/she can tell/remind it to their parents when they get to “Mad”.
Dr. Ami Drimmer


Verified Purchase
This book is a very nice book, with a very important lesson to learn. It teaches both child and parent to be kind to one another, and to talk with respect. This book has very nice illustrations, and I love reading it to my grandson. Very nice indeed.
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