The Illusion by Dan Sharma

The Illusion by Dan Sharma

The Illusion

The Illusion’ the Novel by Dan Sharma

‘ shows the ups and downs in the life of Danny, a young student in Burma who escapes the Military Regime tyranny to obtain refuge in the United Sates. He is quite successful to own a construction company. Very crafty in exploiting his client’s weaknesses, he makes business grow fast while using his girlfriend for that end. Catastrophe strikes when a school building Walk Bridge built by him collapses and he gets indicted for murder of schoolchildren. Collapse resulted by his inferior materials and fake inspection.

Danny knew of possibility of indictment, he escaped into Thailand and was on his way to hide in Burma, but the FBI was chasing him and caught up  just as he was trying to renter Burma to avoid extradition. Danny is brought back to New York for a trial and found guilty. Another tragedy strikes as he loses his mother to aneurism while in Jail. His mind was confused about what should be the goal in life. Danny tried to Meditate to remember the ways his mother tried to make benevolence as the ultimate good in life. Will struggling Danny succeed?


About Writer and Author Dan Sharma

is from Greater New York City area and is an American Engineer, Business Consultant and owner of the New York City based telecommunications infra structure Construction Company.

As an Engineer and Project Manager and Director Working for major American Companies that included Sprint, General Dynamics and Alcatel Lucent, Dan provided the management expertise and oversight in the construction of Infra Structure required for Telecommunication Network deployment used in mobile phones and personal digital assistant devices.

A qualified Engineer with two Master’s degrees from Rutgers University of New Jersey, Dan vigorously supported Ethics, Training and Education for construction staff and perfect safety record. His Educational, Technical and Field experience along with International exposure to Eastern Philosophies provided the basis of a realistic and heart touching style of writing.

What also differentiates Dan is that he finished his first undergraduate degree of B.Sc. from Aligarh University at the age of 16 and in the freshman year, he was studying University Course in Ethics when he enrolled in the University at the age of 12. He not only studied great international philosophers but secured highest ever evaluation as well. He then continued and obtained another B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the same institution. Wanting to study the Meaning of Life and being exceptional doing it at a tender age of 12 created in indelible impression on him as a child.  Later on, he was Engineering Services Manager for Flying Tigers Airline at JFK Airport in New York and had to deal with the underworld dominated organizations. Dan handled the Practicality versus Spirituality battle very well, and through his soul stirring style, the readers will have an experience of a lifetime.

‘The Illusion’ is Dan Sharma’s debut novel. In this novel, he touches upon the progression of human elements such as aggressiveness, ambition, greed, fear, compassion, love, temptation and the search for the truth. The fast moving story takes you from the beautiful temple city in Burma to its jungles and across the river into Thailand and New York as the final destination, and again back to Thailand as a fugitive on his way to escape again to Burma. This is the heart touching story of a Young man who escapes from the tyranny to his rise to become a multi millionaire businessman. But then he gets trapped in the whirl of his own greed and becomes a fugitive running away from law. What happens to his life and the human side of his struggle to find the ultimate truth is poignantly described by the author, as is the Illusion of the perception of truth and happiness.


Format: Kindle Edition

Given To Me For An Honest Review

Dan Sharma’s book The Illusion is his debut novel. I believe it will just be his beginning as an author. I know we will be seeing more from him. This book is about a young student in Burma named Danny. He is able to seek refuge to the United States. He becomes successful and his construction company grows quickly. Then catastrophe strikes! A walking bridge that his company built collapses and students are killed. He is indicted for murder. He escapes to Thailand on his way to Burma. The FBI is searching for him. Will he be caught? Will he be connected? Will he be able to rebuild his life? I won’t answer these questions for you but the book will. This book is an excellent read. I gave it 5 stars but I believe it should have more than that. I highly recommend this book to everyone. I look forward to more from Dan Sharma.

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