The Edge of Revolt by Uvi Poznansky

The Edge of Revolt by Uvi Poznansky

The Edge of Revolt

The Edge of Revolt

Torn between his role as a king and his role as a father, David is at loss how to react when his son, Amnon, rapes his beloved daughter. This luck of action costs David dearly, as one deadly crimes follows another in the royal family, culminating with a revolt. Having been toppled from the throne, and having lost the trust of his sons, his daughter, and the entire nation, will he find a way to restore peace and to choose an heir who will continue his legacy

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The Edge of Revolt

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About the author

Uvi Poznansky is a California-based author, poet and artist. “I paint with my pen,” she says, “and write with my paintbrush.” She received a Fellowship grant and a Teaching Assistantship from the Architecture department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she earned her M.A. in Architecture. Then, taking a sharp turn in her education, she earned her M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Uvi writes across a variety of genres: Apart From Love (literary fiction), The David Chronicles (historical fiction), Rise to Power (historical fiction), A Peek at Bathsheba (historical romance), The Edge of Revolt ((historical fiction), A Favorite Son (biblical fiction), Home (poetry), Twisted (dark fantasy) Now I Am Paper (children’s book) and Jess and Wiggle (children’s book.)

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In Book three of the David Chronicles, Uvi Poznansky continues to deliver first class character development with her first-person story telling. “The Edge of Revolt” follows King David into his old age. Uvi puts us there. We discover the cracks in the king’s character, apparent to those in his court, yet denied by his regal vanity until at last the King sees the truth in the shattered lives of his progeny—his murderous and dishonorable sons, and Tamar, his ravished and dishonored daughter—all victims in David’s eyes of his shortcomings.

As in the first two books in the trilogy, Uvi performs masterful story telling by mining between the lines of the biblical renditions. There she finds nuggets of what-if revelation about who this David of yore really was. Again, she puts us there, this time by sprinkling the narrative and dialogue with characterizations and idioms right out of the Twenty-First Century:

“Dad,” she has Solomon ask David, “are you cold?”

And from her narraative—“. . . I am a king, and a king I shall remain till my last breath.

“Out with the old, in with the new?”

Not to be outdone by the biblical poet, Uvi has her own ways of evoking emotion and eloquence:

“Back in the palace, where we used to walk on the softest of rugs, our soles have softened. Spoiled by luxury, so have our souls. To survive this winter in the wilderness, body and spirit must harden.

Can we do it? God knows.”


“… everyone knows that when Joav comes too close, as if to hug you or whisper a dirty joke in your ear, the next thing you know is a stab under the fifth rib.Read more ›

By Dii TOP 500 REVIEWER on January 1, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

The voice of King David comes alive as he tells of his life as he ages and faces some of the greatest heartaches and turmoil to date. A man once driven by his own needs and desires, a masterful poet, a man possessed by the love of his life, Bathsheba, David is aging and decisions once so readily handed down have hit sickeningly close to his home and heart. Murder and rape within his family have gone unpunished. Why has he been paralyzed into inactivity? He knows his time as ruler will come to a close soon and a successor must be named. Is his eldest, the assumed heir to the throne worthy or will Absalom’s lust for power and control attempt to steal what was his already?
Treachery is afoot and David is losing respect, allies and quite possibly his throne. Emotionally, he is torn, so he is ill-prepared to avoid being overthrown by his own son. Does Absalom have the power to maintain his hold on David’s kingdom? If David should retake his throne, who of his remaining sons can be trusted to continue the legacy he has created?
The Edge of Revolt by the gifted Uvi Poznansky is a beautiful journey back to the time of David, not as a Biblical ruler, but as a flawed man, a ruler who lost touch with his people, his family and with the man he once was. The poet still lives within, but even his pretty words cannot forestall the events to come. Great pain and suffering, death and bloodshed will now be on his hands. Ms. Poznansky gives voice to her characters, with rich emotions while etching their actions into our minds. Each scene is painted into existence by her words with a clarity that causes reality to fade as the centuries are swept away between the now and the “then.Read more ›

By Dolores Ayotte on December 14, 2014

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The Edge of Revolt (The David Chronicles Book 3) by Author Uvi Poznansky

I have experienced the rare opportunity to get to really know a Bible character, warts and all. It would seem that King David had his fair share of them if one were to embrace this author’s microscopic view of a powerful man’s life in ancient times. In the author’s own words…”It’s amazing to be in the skin of the character from childhood to old age.” My sentiments exactly…a great read indeed! I am an author myself and with each novel I read by Ms. Poznansky, she continues to inspire me to be a better one.

The Prologue sets the pace for the elderly and frail King David. Strongly advised by Bathsheba to choose an heir to the throne before the possibility of unnecessary rivalry results between his eldest living son Adoniah by Haggith, and his youngest son Solomon by Bathsheba, is a decision King David is slow to make. After all…he is still King as he proclaims to Bathsheba when she confronts him yet again.

The poignant presentation in the chronicles of King David as depicted by Author Uvi Poznansky and the endless possibilities of how he conducts the last years of his life, stand out in a very profound way. This talented author has both the skill and the courage to dig deeper into King David’s psyche and portray his supposed indecisive character in a mesmerizing way. In doing so, Ms. Poznansky adeptly manages to give him a present day voice combined with a very human, and oftentimes, fragile persona. He seems to be a man with many weaknesses and numerous lustful cravings. This is clearly demonstrated by his several wives and his need for young concubines to frequent his bed and satisfy his sexual cravings.Read more ›



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