The David Chronicles by Uvi Poznansky

The David Chronicles by Uvi Poznansky

The David Chronicles

The David Chronicles

Listen to the voice of king David as he reveals his most intimate secrets: his notorious rise to power, his forbidden affair with a woman married to his own soldier, the lifelong search for redemption after sending him to his death, and the curse looming over his family leading to a dangerous revolt in the David chronicles.

About the author

Uvi Poznansky
Uvi Poznansky is a California-based author, poet and artist. “I paint with my pen,” she says, “and write with my paintbrush.” She received a Fellowship grant and a Teaching Assistantship from the Architecture department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she earned her M.A. in Architecture. Then, taking a sharp turn in her education, she earned her M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan. Uvi writes across a variety of genres: Apart From Love (literary fiction), The David Chronicles (historical fiction), Rise to Power (historical fiction), A Peek at Bathsheba (historical romance), The Edge of Revolt((historical fiction), A Favorite Son (biblical fiction), Home (poetry), Twisted (dark fantasy) Now I Am Paper (children’s book) andJess and Wiggle (children’s book.)
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Biblical history, beautifully told, and set in a very real world

By Sheila Deeth VINE VOICE on March 25, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

The David Chronicles is a collection of three wonderful novels by Uvi Poznansky. Together they tell a tale of madmen and kings, love and betrayal, youth and old age, prison cells and freedom’s ring. Drawn from Biblical history, they vividly recreate character and place, inviting readers to see the world of King David as his contemporaries might have seen it, from the giant Goliath to the rebellious son, wounded daughter, and fickle wives.

The David of these novels is no saint, but rather a wise and careful man, brought down as he struggles to balance love and duty against nation and family. The world around him is dangerous, rife with plots and wars. And a wise king, singing songs, will do well to take care how history will see him.

I love this series for its convincing depiction of real people in ancient times, for its unflinching honesty, and for its vividly real characters. This David is no cardboard cutout to be filled in with bright crayoned colors. His Bathsheba is no plaything. And his women will take their place on the stage of history, will have their voice, and will cry out for love and hate and hope.

Echoing with phrases from the psalms, singing with a lonely king’s “hope for redemption… when prayers go unanswered,” and filled with real characters who have “learn[ed] their lessons—not from … psalms, but from … deeds,” this sequence of novels brings the Bible to life, takes readers deep into David’s mind, and leaves us knowing the characters of the past, or even of the Bible, weren’t so different from people today after all. It’s highly recommended!

Disclosure: I’ve read all three books and loved them all.


.Reader’s Biblical Delight!

By Dolores Ayotte on December 14, 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

Book 1
The setting in “Rise to Power” is in the appropriate Biblical era but the characters have what appears to be a more modern day method of thinking. Or is this really an age old way of operating and not modern at all? Ms. Poznansky is merely saying it likes she sees it. The discerning reader soon realizes a more sinister plot may have taken place as she spurs us on to think outside the box and entertain all kinds of possibilities. Most of us are very familiar with the Bible story about the young boy David who slays Goliath…however, I encourage you to read this version of his story. You will get an x-ray view of not only how David’s mind possibly worked but also of the way Ms. Poznansky’s mind captivatingly works in order to entice her reading audience. She does not leave a stone unturned in this intriguing Biblical story as David narrates his tale with and through the eyes of Ms. Poznansky. Watch David come alive with all his human faults, frailties, and fears as he diligently searches for his path to power. “Life in the shadow of death”…is it really that exciting after all? You be the judge.
Book 2
In “A Peek at Bathsheba”, the reader continues to get a glimpse of King David’s his all-too-human side. In Ms. Poznansky’s portrayal of him, his alleged weaknesses hang out like a sore thumb and make it difficult to admire him as King of the House of David who reigns over the tribe of Judea. He has every ambition to influence the other eleven tribes and perhaps rule the nation. Although King David craves a peaceful resolution, his chief general Joav chooses
disastrous triumphs” in his effort to accomplish victory in “his ill-advised civil war against the eleven tribes of Israel”.


David as we have never known him

By Grady Harp HALL OF FAMETOP 100 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on February 3, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Uvi Poznansky wears a coat of many colors. Originally from Israel where she studied Architecture and Town Planning then moving to the US where she studied Computer Science and became an expert in Software Engineering, Poznansky managed to combine the design elements of two studies into unique formats. And she has accomplished the same with the other side of her brain – making visual her ideas (she is an accomplished painter, drawer, and sculptor who has enjoyed exhibitions both in Israel and in California, her present base) and making words in poetry and in short stories and children’s books. THE DAVID CHRONICLES is to date her supreme achievement. Having read each of the three volumes the reviews are combined here. RISE TO POWER is the first book of the series and is adorned on the cover with an image of her own painting!

But the miracle of Uvi Poznansky’s writing is her uncanny ability to return to old stories and make them brilliantly fresh. This retelling of the Biblical David unveils a character far more profound and fragile than the slayer of Goliath. His personality radiates from every page as her grows from valiant lad to eloquent hero and Poznansky’s gift for poetry renders a magical hue to every aspect of this story. A PEEK AT BATHSHEBA is the second volume, once again adorned on the cover with an image of her own painting. In this novel, the author’s synopsis serves the book well: ‘Against the backdrop of wars, raging within the land and without, David is growing into the mantle of leadership. Between his anointment as a tribal king and his anointment as the king of all of Israel, he uses wisdom, cunning, and his own understanding of the forces of history, aiming for high ideals: stopping the bloodshed, uniting the nation, and bringing about healing and peace.

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