The Complete Paleo Diet Cookbook by Amanda Ashler

The Complete Palco Diet Cookbook

The Complete Palco Diet Cookbook

The Complete Paleo Diet Cookbook:

A Comprehensive Guide to Paleo Diet for Healthy Eating for the Entire Family (Paleo Diet Slow cooker recipes for Everyone)

Harness the Power of Paleo Diet for a Healthier Life
– Do you want an effective way to shed extra pounds?
– Do you want a healthy diet that doesn’t compromise on taste?
– Do you want a permanent solution to weight gain?
Heard of the Caveman? This is the kind of diet that he used to keep himself fit and energetic.
Well, then here is the book you have been looking for. This complete guide to Paleo diet has been specifically designed for people like you. This book helps you understand the basics of the Paleo Diet and its benefits while mentally preparing you to adopt this new way of life that is healthy and tasty too.
This book has been specifically written to address the issue of weight loss on a permanent basis. You will realize this as you go through the recipes that have been collected under strict guidance of nutritionists with an aim to get you the best possible for effective weight loss and visible results.
In this book you will get:
– Paleo recipes for breakfast
– Appetizer Paleo recipes
– Paleo recipes for lunch
– Paleo recipes for dinner
Recipes listed in this book are great on health and taste. The best part of these recipes that they can be prepared easily with the simple steps that have been listed with ingredients that are commonly available at every home.
Open your doors to a whole new world of wellness with the Paleo Diet.


By maitran
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Amazing collection of varied Paleo recipes for all occasions. The list of recipes that has been compiled the author is exhaustive and covers all the meals as well as desserts and snacks making this book a comprehensive source of information. The recipes are simple and easy which is why I have been able to try out most of them in no time. Additionally the author has taken care to use ingredients that are commonly available in any household making it a delight for everyone. Methods described are simple, straight forward and easy to understand. My entire family is having a great time this summer with wonderful Paleo dishes thanks to the author. Will look forward to more such amazing recipe collections from the author. Thanks a lot.
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing book! May 4, 2015
By Linda H
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This book is amazing and it completely changes our family appetite. My son gradually bored with the repeating meals and became anorexic, my husband never complain about my cooking skills but I know he also wanted some fresh change in our family meals. I was so eager to sign up an cooking course, reading a lot of cooking tips then I found this ebook. I told myself to try cooking some dishes based on the books guidelines. Last week, I have tried few appetizers as beef broccoli soup or creamy chicken Soup and my family love it, my son’s more excited every time I called down for dinner. This book is such a great fresh cooking style and I expect to try all the dishes and make it a five-star meal for my family.


4.0 out of 5 stars Got this one! May 3, 2015
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I just started my diet and it would not be possible without the help of my little friend. Of course I’m talking about this book. There are a lot of kinds when it comes to diet and I was so confused on what is the right for me. I tried some kind of diets, but I clung to Paleo, it is because when I read the book the information given on the content are somehow related to me. I thought that it would suit me and good thing is that it really does. The book has just become my obsession. The recipes it teaches are super easy to cook and it will surely make your cravings satisfied. And before we forget, it is very healthy and effective in achieving a right way of diet. This is very informative.


Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
For anyone who doesn’t want to go on diets
This cookbook is fantastic for anyone who shirks for the idea of diets and doesn’t like being restricted by a whole array of rules because the Paleo Diet is more of a way of life than a diet. It is a great life choice and if you plan on making it, this book is the one to pick to accompany you. I’m enjoying the change and so is my husband because these recipes don’t seem like something you’d be allowed to eat on a diet, at all but the difference is clearly visible in my waistline and the glow on my face.
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