The Coach House by Florence Osmund

The Coach House by Florence Osmund

The Coach House

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Newlyweds Marie Marchetti and her husband Richard have the perfect life together. Or at least it seems until Marie discovers his involvement with people and activities that make her run for her life. Fate draws her to Atchison, Kansas, where she rents a coach house apartment tucked away behind a three-story Victorian home that she believes is a safe refuge and perfect place to start over. Richard isn’t about to let her go so easily and continues to seduce her into his world, yet it is the discovery of her real father and his surprising heritage that changes Marie’s life more than Richard ever could.
What They’re Saying About The Coach House.

Rebecca’s Reads – “The Coach House is a well written saga I’d happily recommend to any reader.”

Mary Crocco – “The Coach House is a superbly written book. It will leave the reader thinking about relationships, adversity, independence and growth.”

Best Chick Lit – “The Coach House both inspires and captivates as it explores the ins and outs of life as a mixed-race woman in the 1940s.”

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After a long career in corporate America, Florence Osmund retired to write novels. “I like to craft stories that challenge readers to survey their own beliefs and values,” Osmund states. Florence’s website http://www.novelelements.comoffers substantial advice for new and aspiring writers including how to begin the project, writing techniques, building an author platform, and book promotion. Florence lives in the great city of Chicago where she continues to write literary fiction.


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Format: Paperback

The Coach House is a good read. I can only become engrossed in a book when I care about the main character. I cared about Marie. And caring about the other characters was a bonus. The book encompasses big city life, small town life, ethnicity, ethics, domestic violence, and yet the story flows quite smoothly. I look forward to the sequel so that I can continue to be engaged in Marie’s life..

By Amazon Customer on May 30, 2012

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed reading The Coach House on many levels. For a first novel, Florence Osmund shows lots of promise as a budding author. Her story of Marie’s life quietly grabs the reader until I was caught in its spell. I did not want to stop reading each night. The ending leaves the reader wanting more and more will be supplied in Ms. Osmund’s second novel, its sequel called Daughters. I also liked reading about Libertyville, a town where Marie lives for a short while, because its where I grew up. Osmund’s use of adjectives is stellar as her descriptions create visual images thus making the characters and scenes come alive..

By Elaine L. Rizzo on June 2, 2012

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

this book is so easy reading. even tho it is set in the early 40’s, I found myself interested in what went on in those days and to these people. good book and fast reader..

By Carole McKee on July 18, 2012

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

What a wonderful story this turned out to be! I actually bought the book because I loved the cover picture, and I’m so glad I did. From the beginning I felt a connection with Marie. Being swept off her feet by a gorgeous man who dabbled in the underworld, and then continued to lie to her about it, she eventually made the right decisions. Learning of her heritage may have been a shock to her, but in the end she handled it well, making me want to applaud her. Throughout the story, Marie went from one extreme environment to another, and with each she gained knowledge and insight, making her a strong likable character. The read was well worth my time. I can’t wait to read the next one.

Carole McKee, Author

Format: Paperback

This book grabs you and wraps its arms around you. It’s an easy read that flows well. I found myself not wanting the book to end, because there were so many unresolved questions. I wanted to pick up the 2nd book immediately. I am a product of the 40s and can identify with everything in this book – the landscape, the characters, the lyrics, the morality, the culture. It really took me back.
Keep writing. We may even see “The Coach House” as a movie..

By Karen Johnson on May 26, 2012

Format: Paperback

The Coach House is an awesome book. I was so connected to Marie, the main character, that I thought about her and her circumstances while I wasn’t reading the book!! Kudos to the author!!
I even found myself reading slower towards the end of the book because I did not want the story to end!!
I will read the Coach House again, before the sequel comes out, just in case I may have missed something the first time.



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