The Caravan of Love by Annie Lancaster

The Caravan of Love by Annie Lancaster

The Caravan of Love

The Caravan of Love

So often I’ve read that unless you’re a politician, a rock star or someone of similar status, don’t write a memoir: no one  cares, you’re just not interesting or important enough! hence The Caravan of Love.


I for one, beg to differ because I enjoy hearing about real people, ordinary people like me. I can empathise with their struggles, celebrate their successes, and smile as they share what has brought them happiness.


When I started keeping a diary in 2004 I had no idea that eleven years later, after re-working and editing it around a dozen times, I would have my very personal and treasured work published for other readers to share.


That summer now seems like such a long time ago. I had just embarked on a life-changing episode in my life. Moving from England to Ireland may not sound very exciting to some people, but to me it was the beginning of an exciting adventure – a monumental event in the lives of me, my husband and our three sons. Together we set out with a dream lifestyle in mind. Together we fell apart at the seams on many occasions, only to be stitched back up again.


Renovating a derelict farmhouse with a budget of… well, not enough by far, and with no building knowledge whatsoever is not a project for the faint hearted. More so, it is the work of fools – fools with a dream of a self-sufficient lifestyle in a beautiful house in the country. A family of five, plus pets existing in a dilapidated, wildlife infested caravan for an unhealthy length of time, I would never recommend, even to my worst enemy.


Can I smile about it all now? I prefer to look forward not back.

Would I do it all again? Not in a million years!


I hope you enjoy reading The Caravan of Love, Annie’s journal. She’s not a rock star or a politician, just an ordinary woman with an ordinary dream, teetering on the edge of insanity alongside her husband, her three sons and assortment of pets.

About the author

I was born in the North East of England where I remained until re-locating to County Cork, Ireland with my husband and three sons. I love reading and enjoy long walks in the countryside where I live, with my two little dogs. I am a fully qualified complementary therapist and experienced body piercer, but since losing our family business to the recession in 2012, I have lots of spare time to concentrate on what I enjoy doing best – writing! I also have books published under the name of Angela Gascoigne.



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