The Butterfly Connection by Sandra Kerns

The Butterfly Connection by Sandra Kerns

The Butterfly Connection

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Murder, encryption, and corporate espionage bring two strangers together to break codes and years of silence to solve a very personal case.

Wanted for the murder of her stepbrother, Emma Simms is on the run. She has to convince her brother’s old partner to help her find the real killer. If she can’t, she’ll end up in prison for killing the one person who ever believed in her. Her car breaks down just short of her goal and then a car tries to run her over. If not for the blaring of a driver’s horn, she’d be dead before she even gets a chance to talk to Artemis Jones.

After the death of his wife, and accusations he killed her, Artemis Jones retreated from civilization. His old partner is the only person from that time that he keeps in touch with. On his way to a scheduled meeting with Eric, he scares off a car aiming to run a woman off the road. After, he pulls over to see if she’s alright. He knows picking her up will mean trouble, but it becomes so much more than he imagined.

He soon finds out she is his partner’s step-sister and the main suspect in Eric’s death. Although he can’t imagine why Eric would tell her he could help, he knows it will be better to keep a close eye on her while he looks for the murderer. Their search leads them back across the country to his old stomping grounds and a reunion he never expected..

Can the two of them put aside their distrust of others and themselves long enough to find the real murderer? Can the passion they discover along the way survive the truths they find?

About the author

Sandra writes her stories of love from a sweetheart-of-a-town in Colorado where she lives with her hero of a husband. Her sons are both grown so she had to adopt Rudy, a pup rescued from Japan. No, she does not speak Japanese. Rudy is so smart he’s bilingual.
With the majestic Rocky Mountains, family, and friends to inspire her she never lacks for ideas. Born in upstate New York, she is officially the only Yankee in the family (and yes, a die-hard Yankees fan), as the rest were born in Kentucky. If you ever speak to her in person, don’t be surprised when a “y’all” pops out.
Sandra has always loved words. By seventh grade she should have known she would be a writer, when much to the regret of her classmates, she chose idiosyncrasies as a spelling word. One of the high points of her life was the first time she beat her mother at Scrabble!
An award-winning author, she continues to polish her craft by attending conferences and workshops of various organizations she belongs to such as, Romance Writers of America, two of its chapters, and Crested Butte Writers. She enjoys presenting workshops to writers to encourage, guide, support, and inspire other writers.
Sandra writes Romantic Suspense because she enjoys writing nasty villains, however the relationships are what keep her at the computer. An Indie author since 2012, she now has over ten novels available.  Connecting with her readers through Facebook, Twitter, and her website keeps her motivated and sometimes inspires a new story-line.  She enjoys getting to know her readers, and other writers, through her website and in person at conferences.
Please stop by her website at and say hi.

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CJ CARL November 15, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

I loved it!

Sandra, I don’t know where your characters come from, but I absolutely fall in
love with them.

You make everything so real and pull us into the story,so that we can’t put the book
down until it’s finished.

Hurry up with the next book on Artemis and Emma.

5.0 out of 5 stars Butterfly September 28, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Sandra Kerns is a new author for me. I’m glad I took a chance on reading the book. It kept my attention to the very end. Complex and compelling, I await to see what happens between Emma and Artemis.



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