The Brittle Birds by Anthony Cowin


The Brittle Birds by Anthony Cowin

The Brittle Birds by Anthony Cowin


The Brittle Birds by Anthony Cowin

 When he was young, Mathieu fell into the river and was attacked by the hungry Hohokw bird who lived under the bridge. Since then, he is haunted by the Brittle Birds who are eating away at the world, only no one else can see them.

About the author

Anthony Cowin writes across the whole spectrum of that dark rainbow called horror. With published work ranging from quiet spectral through to techno horror he finds darkness almost everywhere he looks. Anthony is the father of two young daughters. When he stumbles on some of those rare and precious moments called spare time, he relaxes by playing piano and songwriting. Anthony writes horror fiction reviews for The Horrifically Horrifying Horror Blog and film reviews for various sites. He’s currently working on a horror novel that involves time portals, ghosts, the first Oscars and a terrifying Space Hopper called Mr Smiles. Keep up to date at his website- anthonycowin.comand on all social media sites.



5.0 out of 5 stars Exquisitely Crafted Terror July 5, 2014
Format:Kindle Edition

Anthony Cowin’s The Brittle Birds is a beautifully written story, painted with creeping webs of horror and despair. The underlying tale recounts the damaged relationship and lives of two brothers, their unique view of the world and their methods of dealing with its challenges – all stemming from the consequences of a harrowing childhood event. The depiction of this journey in itself is an articulate masterpiece, with Cowin addressing psychoses and trauma in a raw and almost tender way, but the overarching power of this short book is the impact of the brittle birds themselves.

The author compels readers to question myth then forces you to disregard everything you have ever perceived as truth when the terrifying brittle birds take poetic flight across the pages and into our psyches (at the very least).

The brittle birds – you’ll have your own name for them, I’m sure – are dread incarnate. And if you are as affected by the possibility of them as I, then you’ll never see the world in the same way again.


Format:Kindle Edition
An exquisite tale, lucid and terrifying, seductive and disturbing. I greatly enjoyed this beautifully penned short horror story by Anthony Cowin. I’m going to go and read everything else he has ever written.



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