The Boy Genius Detective Agency by Robert Grey

The Boy Genius Detective Agency by Robert Grey

The Boy Genius Detective Agency

The Boy Genius Detective Agency

Everyone knows citizens of the Mégapolis are famous for two things. They’re about to get two more.

Introducing Phidias Isaac Newman, the Boy Genius. And his partner, Agent Bubble Gum. Together they are the greatest adventure detectives of all time.

Or at least, they will be. Someday.

Now, just seconds after solving their first case disaster strikes from out of   nowhere and the Agency plunges into the recovery of a mysterious (and deadly) stolen artifact–the Afterthought Resonator.

But then something wonderful happens.

Or does it?

Because versus the Sinister Brain nothing is ever what it seems. And their future is a very uncertain thing.

Discover why readers everywhere are calling The Boy Genius Detective Agency  “a rocketing read, like riding the crest of a tsunami.”

Grab your copy today and get lost in a world of imagination and wonder!

About the Author

Robert Grey
Robert Grey is the author of the popular science fiction adventure series The Boy Genius Detective Agency.
I have a confession to make. When I was in school I never followed the rules. It’s just not in me. All the other kids painted by the numbers, colored inside the lines or followed our English teacher’s advice about what stories should be like.They got good grades, but they sure made boring Art.I haven’t reformed. I’m still not doing what I’m supposed to. When I wrote this book I didn’t play it safe. I didn’t squeeze the life from the story to create some commercial product that follows a conventional formula. And I didn’t try to ape whatever was popular and hope to piggyback on someone else’s success.This is my debut novel, I have no illusions that it’s perfect. Like Beethoven’s No. 1 or Metallica’s Kill ’em All I’m sure you’ll find it a bit rough in places.

And I’m comfortable with that.

But I also hope you find in these pages something new. Something different. Something big.

Because this is just the beginning. There’s no going back now. Join me, it’s time to take this world by storm.

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By belinda342 on June 18, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Reading this book was a bit like riding the crest of a tsunami. You never were too sure where it was taking you, but the ride sure was exciting.

When the Boy Genius and his fellow agent, Bubblegum, decided to open their very own detective agency they were a little afraid that no one would take them seriously. They just might be stuck looking for stolen lunch money or missing cats.

But on their very first day they stumbled into a life-or-death struggle that brought them into the crosshair sights of a notorious mastermind evil genius. This set their course not only for the remainder of this novel, but hopefully many more to come.

My only complaint was a lack of backstory. Who were the Boy Genius and Bubblegum? And more importantly, just how old were they? I had a little trouble picturing them because different clues in the book led me to think of different ages. They could be anywhere from 8 to 15. But don’t worry, it isn’t enough confusion to hamper your enjoyment of this rocketing read.
Looking forward to book #2. Keep ’em coming.

By Amazon Customer on June 16, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Hardy boys meets Nancy Drew meets a comic version of The Matrix.
With names like Boy Genius, Bubble Gum, Lollipop and Soggy Bottoms you have a read that is delightfully humorous and entertaining. Boy Genius doesn’t take himself too seriously with his greatest fear being that The Agency will only ever rescue lost kittens or find stolen lunch money. Luckily for him, that is far from the case. A fast paced novel which amongst great action leaves you feeling as though you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole into a comic book world. Ker-Plop
Quote – “Phidias, I’m scared.”
That was the problem with girls. Always talking about their feelings. Who wanted to talk about those? Especially at a time like this?
“Me too.” Oops, he hadn’t meant to say that. – Hilarious
Whilst I don’t normally read this sort of book I found it to be an amusing and great read.

By Catherine C. TOP 500 REVIEWER on June 14, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

A breath of fresh air to Sci fi adventure with a little twist of other genres added to its agenda. A well thought out and imaginative thriller with nice flowing realism and strong characterization throughout. From the beginning, ‘The Boy Genius Detective Agency’ throws you into the depths of its world that is full of surprises around every corner, definitely not a novel to be missed.
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