The Adventures of Jojo Smith by Tony Duxbury

The Adventures od Jojo Smith by tony duxbury

The Adventures od Jojo Smith

The Adventures of Jojo Smith

A ‘boy’s own’ adult fantasy. Jojo is involuntarily pulled from his safe and boring life by a magician that was only practicing and ends up on another planet. It’s in the medieval stage of development and he finds himself in the middle of a hate match between the magician and the king’s henchman. Although he begs to be sent home, the magician ignores him. Jojo decides to take matters into his own hands.

About the author

At the moment my wife and I are in the process of re-establishing ourselves here in Guatemala, Central America after a five year absence. The last five years have been spent in England. Previously, I lived for fifteen years in Guatemala with my wife, Eleonora, who is Guatemalan.

I was born to a working-class family in the North-West suburbs of London. I left school at sixteen without qualifications and pretty clueless all round. My only interest in school was art and fortunately I got a job as a trainee in a commercial art studio in London. I worked there for two wonderful years, then my second interest took hold. I had the urge to travel. After traveling through France, into Spain and a year in Germany, I returned to England. Unfortunately, I was never able to break back into commercial art again. I took whatever work I could get to get together enough money to travel again. That set the pattern of my life for many years. When I was in my early thirties I entered higher education and emerged four years later with a B.A. in Social Science. I spent my gap year in Guatemala, where I’d visited before and there I met my wife. After graduation I returned to Guatemala and became an English Teacher. The next fifteen years was spent that way.

My first urge to write was after I attended an optional course in college for mature students like myself who weren’t academically minded, being out of education for so long. My tutor encouraged me to write. After graduation I sat down and wrote six pages of my first novel. Unfortunately, that was as far as I got until three years later, when I was able to sit down and write until it was finished. Four more novels followed. I tried the traditional publishing route, which didn’t work out and now I’m offering my work on Kindle.


3.0 out of 5 stars An Englishman’s Adventure 3 April 2015
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The Adventures of JoJo Smith transports an ordinary Englishman to a far-off world. A wizard has cast a spell that brings JoJo to this medieval-like country. JoJo meets a cast of characters in his new world and spends most of his time drinking.
This was an interesting story told in first person narrative. I thought the book might have benefited from adding more dialog. The book dragged a little at time because of the constant descriptive narration. Some more dialog would have made the action more lively in my opinion. Still I recommend it for a quick read.

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