The 1-Hour Goddess by Anne Clara Laugesen

The 1-Hour Goddess

The 1-Hour Goddess by Anne Clara Laugesen

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Think you’ll look bulky by working out? Wrong. There’s no need to worry – it’ll take light-years before your inner Arnold will come out.

The science around building muscle today belongs to men. Most women believe they need to
sweat on a treadmill four hours a week. They also believe that they’ll lose weight by counting
calories. But there is a better way.

This book will teach you how to
Stop wasting time on cardio
Quit dieting and calorie counting
Achieve amazing results with only 1 hour a week
Become a stronger, happier you
Lose fat and stay lean for good

Say goodbye to “I don’t have time to work out”, join the revolution and find your inner Goddess. Girls, go lift!

About the Author

Anne Clara LaguesenAnne Clara Laugesen is no fitness trainer or professional, but a hopeless health fanatic and entrepreneur always on the lookout for realistic, actionable and time-saving ways of becoming healthier and happier. Through clean eating and resistance training, she broke up with eating disorders and self-confidence issues.
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With the title alone, I felt my attitude towards what was possible shifting. I bemoaned the commitment and the tediousness of what I thought fitness and weight-loss required. The energy in this book inspires me, but also has a friendly conversation with me, encouraging me to get over my mental roadblocks. I think this is as useful a book for someone with hesitation. Full of information and encouragement, ideas, and plans to help you convince yourself of what you are capable of, and then do it!

Energizing and useful read!

By Antoine on December 1, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I really enjoyed the author’s vibe and energy throughout the book! Lots of great information. Women really should be more aware of the benefits that resistance training brings, and it’s great to see a woman taking action on this herself to get the word out. Actionable and easy to read – I’d recommend it to any woman who’s not already into clean eating and resistance training.

By Inge Schmidt on November 30, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

I’ve never really been following a program in the gym before, but now I’ve gotten a lot of help in understanding which workout will give me results. The workouts are easy to follow, I just needed a bit of help to begin with. The book is super interesting and gives you so much relevant information, so I read it all in one go.
By Amazon Customer on December 1, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I’ve been into clean eating and resistance training for a while, and I really believe that this is the sustainable way of keeping yourself healthy. This book advocates it in a realistic way, and I like the approach of how important it is to find a lifestyle that suits you and then stick to that as well as you can. Whilst some of the basics were not that new to me, I did find it very informative on certain levels such as why we need sleep, the basics of our muscles and a few other aspects. Now I also feel like I have the arguments to convince more of my friends to go lifting with me in the gym


Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The 1-Hour Goddess is a great and easy read. The way of restructuring my nutrition with a focus on natural foods and building muscle totally makes sense. I didn’t know all the things about sugar, insulin sensitivity and muscle building before, and it has completely transformed the way I look at my body and how it functions. The extra materials are great :

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